7: Across Campus

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Okay, so admittedly planning a date was a lot harder than I imagined. Not because of the normal reasons, because of not being able to book a table, or being able to get there or pay for it. No this complication was a lot more unusual…Nate.

Nate didn’t think it was a good idea. “It’s not a good idea, Chase,” he says, “You know Harley; she’s not going to be won over by a bunch of flowers and a movie. She might be for a couple of hours, just to fool herself, and then bam – she’ll be pissed.”

I sigh. “I know,” I admit. “She isn’t in to all of that shit. But come on, I just want to spend some time with her. Ever since this stupid murder nothing has been going right. We haven’t really been able to talk as much as we used to.”

“Chase, if you want that then just tell her the truth.”

“I will,” I reply. “Just not today.”


I stand outside Harley’s door waiting for her to open it. My spare key to her apartment is in my car, so I can’t just unlock it and open it. While I wait for her to open the door, I shove my hands in my jumper pockets.

Yes, I’m wearing a jumper on our date. It’s not that I’m being lazy or anything, but this isn’t the type of date you’d wear a shirt and dress trousers too. This is they jumper, woolly hat (in this case, a beanie) and a pair of jeans and trainers. It was going to be cold outside, and I’d rather not freeze to death.

A minute later the door opens. Harley stands there, her eyebrows raised, and a cute little smile playing across her face. “Not that I’m not happy to see you,” she says, “but what are you doing here? You’re meant to be studying. And no, before you say it, you’re not studying with me. That never works out.”

I grin at her, thinking of all the times she’s been studying out loud, reading passages from text books that are so boring, and I kissed her to shut up. “No, I’m not here to study,” I grin. “I’m here to take you on a date.”

“Chase…” she says. “Is that a good idea? With everything that’s going on…and not to mention I am actually doing some studying.”

I step forward, and take her face in-between my hands. “Harley,” I start. “I know it’s going to be kind of hard to forget everything that’s going on for a moment, but please try. I need to forget about it, I need to stop thinking about it, before it drives me insane.” I let out a heavy breath.

I quickly kiss her. “Please? It will be fun, much better than studying. Trust me. We both need tonight.”

She sighs. “Fine, but when we get back you are going to help me study! And no, you are not allowed to kiss me to shut me up.”

I groan. “Not even after we’ve done an hour of studying?”

Harley grins. “Yeah, you can then! Since I was only thinking about doing half an hour of studying.”

I narrow my eyes. “You’re evil.”

Harley grins and takes my hand, pulling me into her room. “Come on, show me what to wear.”

“Something warm,” I tell her, as she leads me into her bedroom. She points at her bed, telling me without words to sit down, and I do just that and sit down on it. “We’ll be outside.”

Harley raises an eyebrow. “What are we doing?” she asks, placing her hands on her hips. “We aren’t going to rob a Christmas tree, are we? I hate to inform you, Chase, but Christmas is a while away yet.”

I roll my eyes. “We aren’t going to go and rob a Christmas tree, Harley,” I tell her. “Not yet, anyways. I’m not telling you were we are going. It’s a surprise. Now hurry up and get dressed, or we’ll miss it.”

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