Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Rose's POV

We all decided to get something to eat before the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys start their rehearsal . So, now we're seated backstage with bags from MC Donalds surrounding us.

The sound of Niall's laugh stops us from eating, everyone their focus towards him. "What's so funny Nialler?" Liam asks, raising his eyebrow and just like the rest of us a face full amusement. He just has this contagious laugh. Even though you have no idea why he's laughing, you still have the urge to laugh along.

"Nothing... Just" He bursts out in a fit of laughter again, making him unable to finish his sentence. The rest of us exchange some questioning looks as we wait for him to start talking again.

"It's just... Rose's face after Harry threw that towel to her." He says, his head still red from the previous laughter.

I glare at him, making everybody laugh too. I wonder how long it's going to take for people to stop mentioning that. I'm sure it was very funny since I can pull some not so charming faces but still...

"Oh c'mon babe, it was really fun!" Harry whispers loudly, so everybody can hear it, in my ear. I narrow my eyes at him, shifting my chair towards the 5SOS boys who luckily weren't there when it happened.

"I'm sitting with you guys from now on!" I smile satisfied at the four boys who start surrounding me.

"Don't bully our little Rosey!" Ashton defends me, making everybody laugh even louder including me.

"Yeah, and I want another chicken wing!" I whine exaggerated. Luke, who's sitting right next to me, opens his box and reveals a delicious looking wing.

"You want it?" He asks, smirking as he holds the wing right in front of my face.

"Yeah, gimme!"

"First, I want a kiss!" He turns his cheek towards me and by the sound of his voice I hear he's joking. Still I feel my cheeks starting to burn. Why did he have to do that? Here comes the awkwardness I was afraid of. Luke didn't seem to realize what he said until his eyes land on my burning cheeks. His head heats up immediately.

"I'm not gonna give you a kiss Lukey, you don't want to make Mr Styles jealous, do you? Now give me the chicken!" I joke, hoping no one noticed the tense between Luke and I.

Everyone starts laughing again as Luke hands me the wing with an awkward smile.


'She's so out of reach, and I'm finding it hard cause 

She makes me feel, makes me feel, 

Like I try, like I try, like I'm trying too hard, 

Cause I'm not being me, and it's getting me down 

She makes me think, makes me think, 

That I try, that I try, that I'm trying too hard again 

Cause I'm trying too hard again' I sing along with the lyrics, my eyes focused on the four boys in front of me, who are doing their very best to hit all the notes. Sometimes I just forget how good they are! Not a lot of artists can play their instrument like a pro and sing so good at the same time.

Someone taps me on my shoulder making me turn around. "Hey babe" I smile towards Harry who takes place next to me.

"Rose, can I talk to you in private please?" He says with a serious tone in his voice. Why is he so serious? Did I do something wrong?

"Yeah, sure" He starts walking away from the stage as I follow him. As soon as we're backstage he turns around, facing me.

"What's up with you and Luke?" He asks as he looks me in the eye.

"Huh... what?" I ask confused, not realizing what he's talking about.

"Oh c'mon Rose, I saw that awkwardness between you two! What's going on?" He runs his hand trough his hair, looking at me with an expression full of mixed emotions. I look away from him as soon as I realize what he means. I can just tell him, the whole crush thing was a long time ago and the kiss was before we even started dating...

"I-I.. uhm.. W-We kind of kissed...-"

"What?" Harry immediately cuts me off, his hand now running across his face. Well, that definitely came out the wrong way.

"No Harry! It's not what it seems like! Please just let me explain!" The only response I get is a nod, telling me I should start explaining.

"Back when I lived in Australia I had this huge crush on Luke, but I never even really talked to him. And then I kind of freaked out when I found out that he's in the same band as Ashton because Ashton never told me. Anyways... That day you sang for me and I ran away he came to my house to bring me my stuff and he just kissed me. But today was the first time I saw him after that kiss so that's why it was so awkward when he started about kissing!" I finish my explanation, looking back up to Harry.

"Oh" Is the only thing he says. He seriously thought I cheated on him? "But still..."

"But still what?"

"Luke knew that I liked you the moment he kissed you!" Well he has a point.

"Harry it doesn't matter! The important thing is that there were no feelings coming along with that kiss and I pushed him away almost immediately! And I actually am thankful he did it because I realized you were the one I wanted!" I look him in the eye. "I only want you Harry! No one else, okay?" He nods in response before I press a quick kiss on his lips. "Now c'mon this is the last time we're able to see their show without thousands of girls screaming their names!"

"I'm sorry Rose I overreacted like that!" He tells me as we walk back towards the stage.

"No, I'm glad that's out!" I smile back at him. But he still thought I cheated on him... No Rose, he was just jealous? Or maybe worried?

Before we're actually in sight of the rest of the people he grabs my writs making me twirl around.

"What's wrong!" I ask confused, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing... just!" He wraps his arms around my waist before leaning in and pressing his lips onto mine.

"Hey you! Stop being the cute little couple and come watch us perform!" Michael's voice echoes trough the arena, making us both laugh through the kiss. I guess we're in their sight after all.


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