Chapter 25 {Can't Escape Danger}

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(Above is just some music you can play while reading the story. It doesn't fit all parts but hey I think it's a good song so I hope you enjoy!)

Ross's POV
"It's a beautiful day outside!" Says Shelby "Birds are singing!" Says Cory "Flowers are blooming!" Continues Max "On days like this kids like us should be..." I say "Swimming!" We all say in unison. We all laugh and run into the ocean.
We all start swimming around and splashing each other with water. Cory whispers something in Shelby's ear and she nods getting on his shoulders. "Ross let's beat them!" Says Max "Ye!" I say getting on Max's shoulder.
We wrestle it out and I over power Shelby knocking both her and Cory over in the water "Haha victory!" I shout "Way to go Ross!" Says Max. Cory pushes Max under water making him topple over. We both fall down with a splash and Cory and Shelby laugh at us.
Max splashes water in Cory's mouth and laughs at him.

Max's POV
I laugh at Cory and suddenly feel a pain in my cheek "Grrhh..." I mutter holding the cut "What's wrong?" Asks Shelby "This cut on my face is bothering me." I say "Let us look." Says Ross removing my hand.
"Cory go get Jin!" Says Ross. He nods and gets out of the water to dive into a shadow. We all get out and walk into a forest area.
The cut continues to throb in pain. "You feeling okay Max?" Asks Shelby "A l-little dizzy..." I answer "Cor... ...ill be he... any minut... ...ow." Says Ross.
Suddenly Cory falls out a shadow face planting with Aphmau and Jin.
I close my eyes and feel the water on my face slowly take away the pain.
Some time passes before all the pain is gone "There." Sighs Jin falling down to the ground "Thanks." I say rubbing my face "Heh no problem, but how do you heal people without tiring out so easily Shelby?" Asks Jin "You know, I don't know." Says Shelby.
"You okay Cory?" I ask "Yup, just traveled lots of places in short time, conclusion don't do it again." Says Cory smirking "I'm glad you two are getting along!" Says Shelby "Yeah normal you guys are at each other's necks!" Says Aphmau "We can change!" Pouts Cory.

Sky's POV
Red and I rush over to the ocean and instantly jump in. Red floats above and I use my power over Wind to propel myself through the water.
While Red and I were swimming around and attacking each other with water I see Ross, Shelby, Cory, and Max walk into a forest like area.
"Hey Red should we follow them?" I ask "Well why?" Asks Red "I don't know something seemed off." I say "I guess we could." Says Red swimming to the shore.
I follow and start running where the other four went. After searching through we finally found them along with Jin and Aphmau. "Yo what's going on here?" Asks Red "The cut I gave Max after stupidly going into Divine Mode started acting up again." Says Cory in between breaths "Wait you went in Divine Mode again?!?" I ask "No just searched whole island for Jin." Continues Cory still trying to breathe.
"That makes sense." Says Red. I look down at Cory and noticed he's wearing his mask again "Hey Cory why are you wearing your mask?" I ask "People." Cory replies "Hmmmm okay." I reply. "Why are you wearing a shirt Max?" Asks Red "Max has never liked to I guess 'show off' in front of strangers." Answers Ross "Y-yeah what Ross s-said." Says Max.
Aphmau looks at Max suspiciously before saying "Okay... Let's go back to making sand castles Jin!" And Pulling Jin off the ground. Red and I shrug at each other and run off again.

Shelby's POV
Aphmau, Jin, Sky, and Red all run back to what they were doing. "You know Jin and Aphmau should get together." Says Max "Yeah I know right!" Responds Cory "Patience, it will happen eventually." Says Ross. I chuckle a little and they all start to laugh "Man I think Aphmau's shipping thing is rubbing off on us!" Says Cory "It's rubbing off on you three not me!" I say "Oh admit Shelby, you ship them too!" Exclaims Max "No that's not my thing!" I reply pushing Max.
Ross chuckles a little. "You don't talk as much as you use to Ross, why is that?" Asks Max "After you disappeared I guess I kinda kept to myself more." Says Ross "But he opened up to everyone a little before you came!" I say "That's good to hear!" Says Max.
"Do you guys wanna grab some ice cream?" Asks Cory "Yeah for sure!" I answer. We run up to the stand, grab some cones, and walk over to sit down at the docks.
"Wow the sun is already setting." Says Ross "Yeah this day went by fast." Says Max "At least we had fun for the most part!" I say "It's nice to be able to relax." Sighs Ross "What do you think Cory?" Asks Max.
We look over to see Cory staring out in space breathing fast. "Hey you okay man?" Asks Max snapping his fingers in front of Cory. Cory snaps out of it, grabbing his necklace and tossing it into the ocean "What the heck man!?! Ross help me find it!" Says Max as he and Ross dive in the water tossing their ice cream on the ground.
"Cory what happened?" I ask "The entity came back and it's messing with me again!" Replies Cory holding his head "Got it!" Shouts Ross holding up the necklace "Awesome!" Responds Max. Ross and Max climb back on the docks and hand Cory his necklace "No I don't want that thing!" Says Cory backing up from it "Why not?" Asks Max "Because the entity is trying to control me!" Shouts Cory "The thing in the dreams?" Asks Max "Yes!" Responds Cory "But mine doesn't." Replies Max "The Life and Death entities are different." I say "Well I can hold onto the necklace for the time being until you want to wear it again, sound good?" Max asks "Yeah I think that's for the best." Answers Cory "Okay then." Replies Max putting the necklace in his pocket.
"Now we don't have ice cream!" Pouts Ross "You guys can have mine." I say offering mine to them "Thanks Shelby!" Says Max taking it "You know she's licked that right?" Asks Cory "So we used to share food all the time as kids." Answers Max after licking some of the ice cream and handing it to Ross "It's weird to see people act this way." Says Cory "You act like you've never interacted with people!" Says Max "Well I never really did except for business matters..." Mutters Cory "Oh so your parents are famous too?" Asks Max "And yours are?" Questions Cory "Yup." Answers Max.
"I guess I'm lucky I got to meet Ross and Shelby." Says Max looking down "Why are you getting on to Max for eating the same food as Shelby even though you kissed her?" Asks Ross with a mouth full of ice cream "Uhhh..." Responds Cory blushing.
I giggle and Max joins in laughing at Cory "Like you can laugh Max!" I say "What's that suppose to mean?!?" Asks Max "Don't you remember who Shelby's first kiss was?" Asks Ross "SHUT UP!!" Shouts Max "Who was it?!?" Asks Cory "It was Max." Answers Shelby laughing.

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