Chapter Two

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'Know what' you thighs to yourself. The robot did nothing but stare of into space.
"Hi I'm y/n" you finally said
"Y-/-N" he repeated. You felt awkward again.
"What is your name?" you asked the robot
" I-I-I don't have a name" he stuttered back.
" renaming Google.exe" he said before a hologram key board appeared in front of you. You though for a while then decide. M-A-R-K you typed in.
" I think you looked like a Mark Google" you cheerfully said back. The robot moved his mouth to the letters basically saying Mark.
"So Goo- Mark what can you do" you questioned.
"I am programmed to do any objective given to me" he said. He sounded like a machine, you didn't want him to just be a machine you wanted to be friends.
"I'm good right now with things" you said back.
"Just give me admin permission and I can complete tasks automatically, even while you sleep" he said with a devilish smile.
" Yeah, no" you said as you clicked the decline button. Mark looked upset and pouted.
" Well I'm hungry, do you want something to eat, if you do" you said. Mark looked at you and glitched  slightly  not answering. You waved your hand in his face. Not getting an answer you continue to make dinner. I was late you you made some mac&cheese. By the time it was done you turned around to see Mark in the same position. You filled two bowls of food. As you walked to the table you moved the food in front of his face. He quickly glitched back.
"Umm,sure" he finally replied and sat at the table with you. You gave him a fork but he stared at it puzzled.
"You do know how to eat, right?" you questioned. The bot looked down at his lap.
"Why don't you know how to eat, I thought you new everything" you said puzzled. Mark suddenly looked up.
"Bots are programmed to obey commands and do as told, learning human activities is not required" he spit out.
"Oh" you watched him as he tried to figure out how to eat. You thought to yourself how can he not know human things he's supposed act like one. Deep in your thought you heard a crunch. You looked up to see Mark but the fork before tears forming.
"Mark do you need help" he said nothing but you could see in his eyes he was embarrassed and confused. You slid your chair over to him and picked up the fork stabbing the food. You raised it to his mouth.
" Open your mouth" but he retreated backwards. You looked at him and ate the food yourself. Now intrigued Mark moved forward opening his mouth.
"When you close your mouth don't bit down" you said. He nodded and did as he was told. He swallowed, looked at you excited, and opened his mouth again. You sighed, feeding a robot was not how you thought your evening would go.

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