Lottie walked beside the empty casket while four men carried it down a walkway in Wellington's Cemetery

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Lottie walked beside the empty casket while four men carried it down a walkway in Wellington's Cemetery. Her eyes were sore and bloodshed from all the tears she had shed the past two weeks. Steve Rogers was one of the men carrying the casket, holding Lottie's hand in order to keep her moving. He turned to look at her every five seconds to check on his best friend who had her eyes locked on his other best friend's empty casket.

       The service was short and sweet and as it came to a close, Steve walked to Lottie. He handed her the folded American flag which she hastily took. Steve gave her a light smile, one that she tried to return but wasn't able to. She felt numb. The only time she had ever felt like this was after her mother and sister's death. And even when she felt she had nothing, she had Bucky.

       Lottie placed a hand to her stomach, caressing it slightly while everyone left. She stood, staring at the love of her life's tomb. Steve had only been given two days to come and participate in Bucky's service. Now he had to go back and finish the war, once and for all.

       Steve hugged the girl, kissed her forehead and said good bye before placing a hand to her abdomen. Lottie, surprisingly, returned his hug and wished him luck, telling him she would see him soon. He waved goodbye, telling her to stay safe and healthy before he officially.

       Lottie stayed in the same spot and stared at his tombstone. It read:

Here lies
James Buchanan Barnes
Friend, Soldier, Fiancée, Father
March 10th, 1917 — February 4th, 1945

       Once everyone was gone, Lottie let out a sob. She placed the flag into her bag and set it down. She fell to her knees, her hands gripped the roots of her hair as she cried out, "Dammit, Bucky. This wasn't suppose to happen. You promised me. You promised me. You promised!"

She fell to her knees, a hand protectively over her stomach. "You promised you would come back to me."

She covered her face, tears slipping down her cheeks as she kneeled in front of his grave. A grave that held no body. A grave that wasn't suppose to hold a his body at all. A grave that would haunt Lottie until the end.

       After twenty minutes, Lottie gained the strength to come out of her breakdown and look at the engagement Bucky had given her.

"You're everything to me, always have been and always will be. I will always love you, James Buchanan Barnes," Charlotte Marie Grayson said, before picking up her bag and walking away from a place she would grow to visit every single day for the rest of her life.