The First Sighting Of Him Part 1

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Letty's POV...

The first time I saw him..

How can I possibly describe that moment when we all came back and visited our mothers friends who were all reunited with mum after decades of being separated from each other. All because of a tragedy that happened many years ago which left an unsolved murder and kidnapping case open. Until now.

The day before, we had arrived home from school to find mum all excited as she stood in daddy's arms crying a little. When our older brother said that someone had come for the car, we were shocked.

That Holden car has been kept out here safe from getting nicked since long before I was even born, so hearing that someone had come for it was a really big shock.

Then Daddy said we was all going into town and he was meaning Armidale to take the car in to be with the lady that owned it. But she wasn't the lady that came out.

It was her daughter.. the daughter and granddaughter of the man who owned it. The man who mumma said was a really good man. A man who had died a long time ago protecting his baby boys. Mum said one of those boys was out here today too.

It was all exciting and for the first time in a very long time, I could see that mumma was really eager to get this 'show on the road', so to speak. We were also told we would be having dinner with them too.

So us kids got our selves changed quick smart while Daddy and Robbie put the Holden onto the trailer and it wasn't long before we were all climbing into the cruiser and driving out of our place and heading towards Armidale.

It was after we arrived that things got really interesting.

Robbie climbed out of the car after driving it up the driveway and there was a man that looked like he was in shock when he saw Robbie. Then he fainted which caused the lady that stood beside him to look down in disgust at him.

"Now would be a good time to lay the boot in again Maggie to remind him not to fool around on you." Mumma said to that other lady as she went to stand next to Robbie and watch what was happening.

There was also this other lady that screeched out to my mum which had us either laughing or wanting to run for the hills as she came over to us.

"Oh, for fucks sake. Am I the only one that didn't get knocked up at that time?" The other lady yelled out as she threw her arms up in the air before stomping over to our mum, slapping  the first lady up the back of the head  who was still standing there in a daze.

That lady reached out to mum as she drew close and the two of them were just hugging each other tight as they both swayed from side to side in front of us.

"I have really missed you Donna. I really did." I heard the lady say to mum.

"I missed you too Vi. And Maggie too. I really did." Mum went on to say in a whisper back to the lady called Vi.

Then we watched as that first lady goes over to fill up the bucket with water and stomped back to the man  who was sprawled out on the grass still and after giving my mum a glare, she threw the bucket of water over him which quickly roused him awake.

"That certainly brings back memories, doesn't it Vi. Didn't Maggie do the exact same thing years ago when he slapped her in that club that time and she knocked him out?" Mum was then saying, which surprised us all causing us to look back at the other older couple again.

"Get up, damn it." That lady snapped to the fainted man as she gave him a kick in the leg as she then turned to her friends who were still hugging each other.

"You get yourself over here right now Donna Collins. Right now I said.." The lady we now know is called Maggie yelled out to Mum who was now grinning at everyone.

"Don't make me get you." Maggie added as she went over to grab her friend out of her other friends arms and grab her close to her.

Then we watched as all three friends bounced around the spot they were in laughing and crying with each other as they held tightly on to each other too, afraid to let them all go.

That's when this really pretty older lady came over to daddy and slipped an arm through his. I think she might have been the lady that came out to our place today.

I also watched as the man who had fainted had stumbled to his feet as he kept his eyes on Robbie. Then he took a few steps closer to my brother and just stood there looking at him.

I don't know who was more surprised at what happened next when that man reached out and hugged Robbie like he did. I also thought he was crying too as he looked at my brother.

I found out later that Robbie was the spitting image of that mans friend who had died years earlier, Robbie's real father who died before Robbie was born.

Then there was more of a commotion when another family turned up and the lady that was holding Daddy's arm after kissing his cheek and welcoming us to their family, let go of him to walk over and greet the new family.

Then we were all somewhat shocked when that lady went and kissed that really big man with a kiss that caused Maggie, mum's friend to throw a bucket of water over them too. I wasn't too sure about this new family we have met. They are certainly not like anything or anyone we have ever met before.

But I think I like them.

I liked them even better the next day when the rest of the family turned up from America where they have been for a little bit. They brought back some film of Robbie's real father. Film where Jarrod and our mum were young and dancing.

But they also brought back a giant of a man, a young one a few years older than me. He was so handsome. His eyes even sparkled when he looked at someone. He also liked his nan's muffins too.

He was so much taller than I was, by a good ten inches I think and there were these little lines that creased out when he smiled or laughed.

Every time he did laugh, I felt this beam of heat would rush through me heating me from the inside out. I have never felt anything like it before. It only happened when I looked at him, or heard him laugh or even when he spoke.

Rhys Roberts Thoms. I wanted him. No matter how long it took, I have decided that he would eventually become mine.

I just never knew exactly how long that would take.

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