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Pen Your Pride

the bad boy likes only me; the good girl

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Hey guys I'm thinking about a new writing project 

And I would really like your feedback whether you would be interested or not.

Here's the outline and if I get responses I'll put my work up...if not I'll probably still end up doing it anyways lol.

So let me know...enjoy~

An average teenage girl name Selena is known as the 'good' student in everyone's eyes. She does her homework and does what she's told. All she wants to do is to get through high school in one peace and ready herself for college. With that she wants no distractions that can ruin her chances to succeed. That is until a new guy enrolls, Joel Phillips, or known better as Phili. He has all the girls (preps, goths, geeks, nerds and band geeks) drooling all over him. Hell, the girls that already have boyfriends get pissed at the way they look at him. And already he's making his mark as the schools most wanted guy to 'play' with. All the girls want him except for Selena. She'd rather bury herself in her own grave then to be asked out by him; the manwhore. Even though she wishes nothing more of him, she has to admit that he is the hottest guy she has ever seen.

But it seems like she doesn't really need to worry about that since he hasn't even been around her. Heck, there are so many girls in this school that want a piece of him, he probably wont even notice Selena. As usual she spoke too soon. Out of nowhere he keeps popping up around her trying to seduce her which is not working but of course he wont leaver her alone. He believes the un-wanting girls are a better game to him rather then the girls who just throw their-selves on him.

This is some of the plot to my story and I hope you guys will like to read it.

Can you please give me feedback letting me know if this is something I should put my time into.


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