Old Feelings Always Return.(A RayRay Love Story)

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Fredrickyah’s POV.

I was in the studio with my friend Diggy.We were working on a song together.Me and diggy had been friends since i got pregnant.He has been helping me With Mircale and Moni,Even when i dont need him to.I can tell he loves me but we are just friends.

Me:Dig(His Nickname)Here’s the rest of the song.

Diggy:Alright cool Now im just Work my magic (Pops His Knuckles.)

Me:Haha whatever(Laughs)

Diggy:Oh Hey Kyah,Dont forget Im having a party tonight.

Me:But i dont have anyone to watch Mircale And Moni.

Diggy:You can bring them.Just leave them in my room.

Me:Haha Cool.(Looks at the clock)Oh sh!t I gotta go pick up Moni And Mircale From School.

Diggy:Then hurry up ill meet you have the party tonight at 7(Chuckles).

I Ran out the stuido and got into my car.The good thing was Their school was 3 blocks away.Once i got there i walked into the building and headed to their classroom.

Mircale:(Jumping up and down) Mommy is here!

Moni:Thats whats up!

Me:(Laughing) There’s my babies.

Ms.Green:They have been very good today,They are so sweet.

Me:Haha thank you.Lets go We’re going to a party Later.

Moni:Ok.(Hops into the car.)

Mircale:(Climbs into her car-seat.)

Me:(Smiles) Ok lets go.

We drives off and went home,I live in a 2 story Condo.It was pretty awesome,We walked into the house.But something was weird everything was dark,I always kept the middle area Lights on.I went over to the switch and turned them on once i looked over i saw Deshawn standing right there.

Mircale:Mommy im scared.

Me:Its ok baby go itno your room with your sister

Mircale:Ok (Grabs Moni’s hand and walks into their room.)

Deshawn:I Finally found you (Grins.)

Me:What the Hell do you want!

Deshawn:(Slaps me) B!tch Who the hell said you could talk.

Me:(Holding the tears back)I did now get the freaking HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Deshawn:(Slaps me again)The next time i come back you better be ready to come home(Walks out.)

Moni&Mircale:Mommy you ok?(Hugs you)

Me:(Weak Smile.)Yeah sweetie now lets go get ready.

It was 6:30Pm,I got the girls ready for the party.All i had to do was put some makeup on my cheek.Covering the spot where he hit me.We walked out the house and drove to diggy’s,The girls went upstairs to his room and played.

Diggy:hey Kyah come here i have some people i want you to meet.


Diggy:Ok kyah this is ,Princeton,Roc Royal,RayRay and Prodigy,Guys this is kyah.

Me:W-what the hell…(Looks at Ray)

Ray:Long Time No see Kyah.

Its A little short for now but,So how do you like it?


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