Chapter One

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Chapter One: Not Another Bad Boy

Violet's P.O.V.


Second period had just finished and been dismissed and I had three minutes until my next class. I was walking back to the main hallway from my locker just like normal, but I was about two minutes later than usual because I had to bring my ninety nine percent on my english paper up to a one hundred. What kind of teacher marks an opinion question wrong?

I had become accustom to taking the long way and walking passed the cafeteria, but today I was late, so I had to take the quick way past the office. I was starting to wonder how much time was left till my next class though. I looked around, but didn't see a clock.

I guessed that it was right around eleven fifteen judging by the amount of students in the hallway. I turned to the office door and I saw a boy in the principal's office. I couldn't see him completely but even so, I didn't think I had ever seen him before. I tried to identify him anyway, but I failed. He must've be new. I wondered what his GPA was, but didn't dwell on it for too long. Maybe we could study together, or be friends, or maybe we could be partners in class. The class bell rang and I was snapped out of my thoughts. I ran as fast as I could to rush off to my next class. I had to turn in my extra credit assignment!

I got to my classroom just on time. The boy from the principal's office was already in the room though. How was that even possible? He sat in the desk right next to mine. The teacher began to explain the lesson. I had already done this chapter, so I wanted to read. I pulled my favorite book out from my backpack. I silently laughed at myself because I'd read it a million times but still wanted to read it.

I turned my head a little too look at the boy. I examined him a little. I didn't know what it was, but there was something about him that I couldn't stand. Then it hit me. The skinny jeans, the hair that fell curly effortlessly, the grey beanie, the leather jacket, and of course the smirk on his face as all the girls stared. He was another bad boy.

I looked away and began to read the book. Then a little piece of paper hit me in the side of the head. I ignored it, but then another, and another. I finally gave in and read them.

The first one said 'hey there.'

The second one said 'Hey don't ignore me.'

The third one said 'oh c'mon. You know you want to answer me.'

I looked around the tired class to see who threw them at me. The new bad boy. Of course, he didn't know I was a nerd yet. He winked at me, and I rolled my eyes and went back to reading. Then another piece of paper hit me in the face.

It said 'The names Ace Daniels, but you call me babe if you want princess.'

I almost burst out laughing at his arrogance, but I held it in. Like I would ever call anyone babe.

I kept ignoring all the notes. Until finally, the bell rang. I was walking to my locker to put my books away for lunch. He was right behind me. Just about a foot away and to the right a little looking down at a piece of paper. Was he following me? He wasn't only a bad boy, but a stalker too.

As it turned out, he wasn't following me at all. When I got to my locker, and put my things away, I noticed that he was opening the locker right next to me. Was he next to me in everything?!

I walked to the lunchroom and grabbed a tray. I went and filled the tray with food, then walked over to sit down. Ace was right behind me. He was so annoying. Then I realized that there were only two spots left indoors. Not to my surprise, they were right next to each other. Oh brother, this was gonna be a long day. I went and sat down closely followed by Ace. As much as I wanted to eat in peace, he started talking to me.

"Hey. I'm Ace," he said smirking. I roll my eyes again and started eating. I knew that already. Didn't he remember pelting me with notes and paper airplanes in class?

"Oh come on. At least tell me your name princess," he said. I rolled my eyes again. Princess? Who is he calling princess? Nicknames are for people who actually know each other.

I snapped out of my thoughts as he flicked my arm and then poked me until I stopped eating my perfectly good lunch and looked up at him. I gave in and responded not being able to take anymore of his antics.

"My name is Violet Sanders. Whatever it is you think you are going to get from me, you aren't. And I don't do bad boys so if you don't mind, I have stuff to do. Oh, and don't do anything stupid. My uncle is the headmaster and I don't feel like hearing anything else from or about you," I replied with clear annoyance and slight anger in my voice. I hate bad boys for a reason. Remember that Violet.

The rest of lunch was quiet and normal. Thank goodness for that. After the lunch bell rang, I stood up and walked off to read under the shade of the trees. The soccer goal was also good for reading, but the soccer team was playing today and I didn't want soccer balls flying at my face with incredible force.

I always had one book with me in case I got bored. Once I sat down, I looked around to make sure that I didn't have to move. When I saw Ace talking to Kyle, Chase, and Joey, I didn't know what to think. It was his first day and he had three friends? That's two more than I made my entire life. Are they planning a prank? Skipping school? Doing other bad boy stuff I don't know about? Then the strangest thing happened.

I saw Ace point at me. He was with Joey, Chase, and Kyle, the bad boys, pointing at me. Were they talking about me? No, they couldn't be. What were they talking about if it wasn't me? I didn't even know them that well. Why were you so worried about what Ace was doing anyway? I decided that it was all in my head and went back to reading. The only thing that was running through my mind, was 'why is Ace pointing at you? Huh? Why was he?!' Stupid voices in the back of my head.

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