Bitter Sweet Love. Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4. Edited.

Minny, Morganna, and I had devised the plan. Mary Jane was in the same year as Cameron, so she wasn't involved and Harvey was already in his seat. Minny usually sat beside him but we were switching places today.

"Hey Kira,'' Morganna said nudging me in the shoulder.

We planned to play some games with the boys, Morganna wanted to push Cameron's buttons hence putting me beside Harvey. I played along, because I just thought it was just a game. Cameron couldn't get that mad right? I gave a slight wave to Harvey. The general idea was to convince Harvey he had a chance with me despite me being in a relationship. So childish I know, but I was still bubbling with excitement at the thought of some drama or action in my boring life. 

"Remember," Morganna whispered as we walked through the classroom towards our seats which were at the back of the class. "Don't be too obvious, OK?'' She said smiling and leaving my side, going to her seat beside Minny instead of me today.

I smiled and sat down beside Harvey. He has light brown hair, really green eyes and a soft face. He looked at me with confused eyes.

"Hey Kira, where's Minny?'', He asked.

"Oh! Didn't she tell you? We are switching seats today so Morganna can help her with the report on Shakespeare,'' I said smiling.

Harvey laughed. "She will totally pass with 'Morgana's help'," He said joking.

I bit my lip and laughed too. I forgot Morganna was actually the one who need help.

"Well if you ask me I'd say she's trying to get Minny to go out with Pike,'' I said trying to save my bacon.

''Sounds about right,'' He said, just as Mr. Lopez called the class to order.

"Right, class whip out last night's homework,'' He said.

"What are you doing after class?", I whispered to Harvey,

"Not sure, what about you?", he said a bit too loud.

"Harvey, silence!", Mr Lopez snapped.

"I was thinking me and you could hang out?", I said smiling of course I meant with the rest of the group, but it was in the phrasing that I hoped to confuse Harvey. Harvey gave me a strange look and a coy smile.

"Miss Pearce,'' Mr Lopez snapped louder.

"Yes Sir,'' I said smiling up at him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Taking notes Sir," I said.

"I'm watching you," He said and then smiled.

"Hang out after school, it is a date", Harvey smiled into his notebook.

The rest of the day passed with me being swallowed by my own guilt. I had survived the day without bumping into Cameron or Harvey. I packed my bag and walked out the school doors. I was on my way to Milo's car when someone called my name.

I turned to see Harvey running towards me. Oh no. "Hey,'' He said breathless when he reached me.

''Hey, I am really sorry'', I began but he cut me off.

''Its ok, I won't tell Cameron. I am glad you asked me to hang out, I had been wanting to ask you out for a really long time'', He said smiling. It began to feel like someone had ripped my heart out and stitched it into my stomach. I felt so bad.

''Harvey,'' Began to talk again. This time he cut me off with a kiss. I didn't pull away instantly, which made me feel worse. When we pulled apart one sight caught my eye far behind Harvey. Cameron was standing by the wall staring at us.

"I have to go'', I said.

Cameron signaled for me to come to him. Even though he was so far away I could see the disgust on his face.

''Cameron," I whispered. Harvey went to turn and look. ''DON'T," I said frantically. "You'll just make it worse. Go to my brother, tell him I said to give you a lift home. Cameron wants me to ride with him," I said numb.

''How do you know?" He asked worried.

"I know Cameron," I said. I just walked around Harvey and walked towards Cameron.

Cameron nodded towards his car and he began to walk. I followed knowing Cameron's signals. When I got there the car's engines were on and the passenger door was open waiting for me. I hopped in and threw my bag into the back seat never once looking at Cameron. He revved the engine and sped off out of the parking Lott.

"What the fuck was that with Harvey," He snapped.

"I didn't mean it I'm sorry," I said ashamed.

"What the fuck is sorry going to do, you fucking whore," He shouted still keeping his eyes on the road.

"See here's the THING," I shouted back. ''I'm not a whore, I just wanted to fit in with my god damn friends and I can't help it if Harvey kissed me," I shouted regretting putting the blame on Harvey.

I didn't see it coming, I only felt it. Something hit me really hard in the side of the face. My hands flew up to my face in shock.

"CAMERON," I screamed. ''Let me out now!"  I screamed.

"You are not going anywhere," he screamed back.

"Oh but you can hit me," I shouted I could feel my face hurting really badly and tears started to build up.

"You are my girlfriend," He answered. 

"Not anymore," I said.

The car came to a sudden stop making me fly forward in my chair.

Cameron grabbed me by the arm. "You remember this," He said in my face, "I'll decided if you are my girlfriend or not" He said loosening his grip. "Do you understand?"  He growled.

I held my silence and looked out the window, what was going on?

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