Draco's girl

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My name is Sam.I am currently in my final year of Hogwarts but let's start with the beginning. The stories will probably get progressively longer just because more exciting stuff happens later on. And well I can remember more recent things better than stuff that happened 6 years ago. This is my first year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!

And I got my Hogwarts letter yesterday and I am soooooo excited!! I am leaving in like 2 weeks!!! I can't wait I'll be where some of the greatest witch-wait. Do you even know what hogwarts is?? Ok well it's this school for witches and wizards it is supposed to be one of the best in the world. You go there for 7 years and are split into 4 different houses. It's pretty exciting. There's just one problem I live in the U.S. There are several descent schools I could go to here. But Hogwarts wanted me for some reason. I ended up getting a couple letters to different schools. But I chose Hogwarts. It's one of the most famous schools ever so of course I'm choosing it.

The train on platform 9 3/4 was soo big it was a pain in the butt getting on there. I'm a 'pure' blood witch but my parents are dead so I live with a muggle adopted family. Which is fine I guess I sat with the boy with the lightning shaped scar, Harry potter the famous one who somehow survived the dark lords attack. And forced him into hiding. But I left after a awhile and sat by myself and read a book this boy was walking past when he stopped and looked at me. " what are doing sitting all by yourself." I looked up at him he had blonde hair so blonde it was nearly white it was al slicked back and he looked kinda funny but in a little bit of a cute kind of way I hadn't really talked to anyone other than to tell harry I was a fan. So I knew my southern American accent would surprise him. "I dunno don't really no no one. Soo I just sat here. To read." even though I'm only 11 I love reading a lot. His eyebrows shot up nearly to his hairline when I started talking. "Well you wanna come sit with me?" I smiled at this boy and said. "sure that'd be cool thanks." he smiled back and said in his also kinda cute accent. "where're you from? Your voice is cool." "I'm from here but moved to America when I was like two." "what are you?" "huh?" "sorry I mean your not like a mud-blood are you?" " um no my mom and dad were both magical though I was raised by muggles the aren't that bad. Really." he scrunched his face up as if to say he didn't agree. "my names Draco by the way and yours?" " o I'm Sam" we got back to the area where he sat and he was sitting with a bunch if the like fifth and sixth years. They all said hello. And before I knew it we were at the huge castle like school building it was beautiful! So amazing. I just knew I would love going to school here. I'd feel like a princess. Ha. Ha. Yeah right.

I was standing inside the big dining area with the rest of the first years when hermione granger was called then they went down the line Harry potter got put in Gryfindor but Draco got put in Slytherin. I didn't like Slytherin it was kinda scary. The professor called me up to the seat I was so scared the sorting hat took a Long long time placing me I don't know what that means about me. He was kinda talking randomly. He said" I see courage.... And loyalty..... But also there's something dark..... But what. And where to put you? You have a strong mind it's hard to read you. But Gryfindor!!!" they clapped and I took my seat meeting Draco's eyes before sitting he looked upset. I'm sure I did too.

The classes were cool I got to sit with Draco if we didn't talk it was so hard not to we got along so well he was funny and kinda sweet. I also made close friends with Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Although Ron was kinda odd at times I got along with them pretty well. They didn't like Draco at all and well Draco didn't like them either. And neither liked me hanging out with the other.

We were all outside learning to fly one day when a boy named Neville lost control and crashed. Draco was a jerk and took something and Harry took off after him and Draco through it and Harry caught it. But professor mgonigall came out and we thought for sure he was going to be expelled but it turned out that she wanted him to play for the house quidich team o I'd love to play! Maybe I'll try out this year!

Nothing really happened other than me and all my friends got a whole lot closer as friends it was almost like family I was dreading the day I had to got back home I knew it was coming up soon though.

Draco told me about them going out to the forbidden forest with the game keeper Hagrid. I love Hagrid he's like a teddy bear he's amazing. But the trip in woods was horrifying jut thinking about it. Harry told me that the thing that saved him told him it was the dark lord. That was even scarier.

Harry ron and hermione snuck out one night to go stop voldimort from getting the sorcerer stone. They all came back which I was glad for but they all took some pretty nasty hits

Gryfindor won the house cup that year!!! Because of Harry hermione and Ron and even nevell got points for... Well I'm not real sure. y professor dumbldor was kinda riddley when he said what his was for. But then sadly all to soon it was time to got home I hated leaving but I knew it was time I also knew I'd be back again. Soon...ish

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