viii. birthday surprise

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[ 24 / 08 / 2016 ]

y/nidea by @shawnsaftertaste

idea by @shawnsaftertaste

"make sure you're back in time to freshen up before everyone gets here." my mother reminds me.

"yeah sure. i won't be long anyway." i reply, walking out of the front door, shutting it behind me.

walking down the street, i sigh. i was having a little party later for my birthday, having a few friends over but not many. i didn't really want to do anything.

shawn said he'll facetime me later tonight to talk to me. he's currently on tour, which sucks. when he found out he was performing a concert on my birthday, he tried so much to change the dates so he could come visit me, but he couldn't.

i hear my phone ping from my pocket, unlocking to see a text from shawn. speak of the devil.

shawn 💞
happy birthday baby, i love you lots 😘 xxx

y/n [me]
thank you babe, i love you lots too ❤️ xxx

i slip my phone back into my pocket, continuing to walk down the road until i get to town.

i go to a few shops, buying some new clothes and other stuff. checking my phone i see it's 4pm, so i decide to make my way home.

getting home, i walk upstairs and towards my bathroom. taking a shower, i dry myself and wrap a towel around my body then exit. i look through my wardrobe and pick out an outfit. i then head to my dresser, plugging in my straighteners so they can warm up before starting my makeup.

once i'm content with my makeup, i put it all back in the bag and grab my now heated up straighteners. carefully straightening my hair in small sections, i hear my father.

"y/n, your friends are arriving! are you nearly done?"

"yeah! i'll be down in a minute!" i shout, continuing to straighten my hair, almost finishing.

i slip on my shoes and grab my phone, slipping it in my back pocket of my jeans.

i welcome my few friends that have come over, telling them the food and drinks are in the kitchen.

after about an hour of socialising with everyone in the kitchen, my parents call us all into the living room. they all sing happy birthday and then give me my presents.

i thank all my friends for my presents, which consist of some tops, perfumes, jewellery, etc.

"shawn gave us your present before he left for tour, we'll go and get it now, but here's ours first." my mother says, handing me a big, but flat, square present.

i take the wrapping paper off, to see a photo album with a picture of the first picture me and shawn had together. opening the album, i see all the photos of me and shawn, all in dated order, our last being our prom photos.

i place the book down before going over to my parents and hugging them tightly. "thank you, i love it."

"no problem darling, now sit down and we'll go and get shawn's gift for you." my dad says. "oh, and put a blindfold on, he said it to be a surprise."

one of my friends put a blindfold on me, while my dad goes and gets shawn's gift.

"y/n, you'll have to stand up and come over here." my dad instucts.

i feel someone help me up, before leading me over to where i'm guessing my present is.

"okay, keep your eyes closed. we'll take your blindfold off."

i feel someone untie my blindfold, taking it off my face.

"open them," i hear my dad say, clearly smiling.

i open them to see my dad holding an envelope in his hand. he hands it to me, carefully taking it out of his hands.

'y/n' i see written on the envelope, neatly written in my boyfriends handwriting.

i open it, pulling out the folded paper. 'happy birthday baby ♡' i read on the paper. unfolding it, i see a first class plane ticket to salt lake city.

i gasp, seeing the ticket means i get to see him, not over a phone screen.

"happy birthday baby," i hear from behind me, arms being wrapped around my waist.

dropping the letter, i turn around quickly to be faced with my boyfriend.

"i thought you had a concert tonight?" i ask.

"i moved it to yesterday so i could come and see you today." he smiles down at me.

i smile, feeling tears run down my face as i wrap my arms around his neck.

"wait, that means i'm coming to your concert tomorrow?" i ask, sniffling.

"nope, you're coming to all the rest of my concerts before being back here for my last one."

i squeal loudly, hugging him even tighter. "thank you! i love you so much."

he pulls away from me to look at my face, wiping a few tears away. "i love you too, darling. happy birthday." he says, before pressing his lips to mine.

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