Chapter: #10

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It's been decided! This is now a crossover with OTGW and it's with my first idea. I don't really feel sorry for anyone who disagrees with my idea. Okay?- my story.
If you don't know what my first idea was, it was this:

Dipper and Wirt have been best friends since childhood, but, because of Wirt's Stepfather's new work, unfortunately had to move away.
Wirt, secretly having strong feelings for Dipper, unexpectedly confessed during their last goodbyes. Not giving the poor Pines boy a chance to reply. Dipper, so overwhelmed and embarrassed, decided to just never mention it again; to pretend it never even happened.
They ended up becoming texting buddies, and Wirt, seeing that his crush never mentioned anything about his confession, never mentioned it either.
Wirt knew he lost his chance, but never gave up his feelings for Dipper.

That's their past and where they stand now. I am creating a new fanfic with that exact plot except without the au and Bill.
Actually read what's above 'cause I'm not explaining it in the story!
Because of that, this AN has become wayyyyyy too long.
I'm gonna end it now.
Hope you read with joy!♡



With William now in his presence, Dipper was now starting to feel slightly better. Eventually, they ended up just a pile of limbs, tangled up together with Will trailing light kisses up and down the cervitaur's neck. The hunter leaned back, looking Dipper straight in the eyes.

"I love you"

"......l-love you...."


Dipper woke to the sound of his phone buzzing on his nightstand.

Groaning, he struggled within the arms of his, dare he say it; boyfriend. As gently as he could, not wanting to wake William, the cervitaur wiggled his way out of the hunter's grip.

He quickly and quietly made his way over to his nightstand. Picking up his phone, noting it was almost 5:30AM, Dipper was delighted to see who had texted him, even this early in the morning.

Are you awake?

Smiling, his thumbs almost glided over the keypad as he replied.

Just woke up, thanks for the wake up call btw

Dipper spared a quick glance over at his snoring boyfriend on the floor, tangled in a heap of blankets. His phone vibrated again almost immediately.

Oh, did I awaken you from your slumber, sleeping beauty?

Risking a small laugh, the cervitaur didn't keep him waiting;

Jk. I slept plenty, anyway. R u texting me for a reason? Did u want something?

He watched the indicator that let's you know the other person is typing appear and disappear many times before his phone vibrated for the 3rd time this morning.

My step-father is off the job for a while
And, well, he said we'll be moving back until he starts working again.
Do you... wanna meet up?

Eyes Widening, a small gasp of surprise escaped the confines of his now dry throat. Almost dropping his phone, hands shaking slightly, Dipper was now fully aware of the still burning heat bubbling in his fur covered abdomen. Thinking fast, he thought up a response.

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