chapter 2

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Suzzie's P.O.V

The next morning when I was walking to school a girl pushed me and grabbed me by the color of my shirt and pulled me to her.

"I want you to stay away from Jacob! He's mine and will always be so stay away from him or else!!"

"I don't know what you are talking about." I said with a quivering voice.

"Hey Suzzie- Lily what are you doing!" Jacob said from behind me.

"Hey baby I was just telling this slut to leave you alone." And she pushed me away from her and I fell to the ground and Jacob ran over to me to see if I was ok.

"What the fuck Lily I'm not yours and I will never will be, we never went out so get that idea out of your mind!" after the shock of the Lily girl grabbing me, my ankle started to sting and it got worse but I left it.

"No Jacob you are mine and no ones else's so let me deal with this bitch!!" and I thought I heard Jacob growl when she called me a bitch. My ankle started to hurt more so I grabbed it trying to stop the pain.

"Suzzie what's wrong?" Jacob asked me a little worried.

"Why should you care? She is just a slut trying to get attention!"

"No I think you already did that for us!!' I told her and Jacob looked at me with love swimming in his eyes.

"Ok baby tell me what's wrong." Jacob asked me not paying attention to Lily. I saw that she was getting pissed so she stomped her foot and walked away. After a couple of seconds Jacob touched my cheek and I felt shocks go threw my body.

"Come on baby tell me what hurts."

"Its my ankle I think it might be sprained.'

"Ok let me see." And he took my ankle and turned it to the side a little. "Does that hurt?"

"No.' and he turned it a little more and it hurt so I pulled it back.

Ok I guess that hurt." He said chuckling.

"You think?"

"Can you walk?"

'I don't know." So I started to get up and Jacob help my arms and when I put pressure and my foot it hurt so bad that I grabbed onto Jacob, " no I cant walk it hurts to much." So then Jacob picked me up bridal style and asked me where I lived so I told him. When we got there he put me down but still held my waist so I could unlock the door. When it was open he picked me up and walked over to the couch and sat me down on his lap.

"Sorry about Lily she is just a slut that wants something she cant get." He told me.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why are you here and not with that Lily girl? She seems to have more experience, so why me?"

"Well she is a slut with no brain and I want to be friends so that's why and I don't care if she has more experience I like you more than her." Her told me with a small smile on his lips.

"You know I only have one friends and he's a wolf and I call him anda."

"Really what does he look like?"

"Well he is a big black wolf with brown streaks that are the same color of my hair and has bright yellow eyes and he is about half my size."

"Cool is he nice."

"As far as I know I only meet him last night."

"Maybe one day I can meet him?"

"I guess but I don't know if he will come back." And with that I laid my head on his shoulder and fell asleep in his arms."

Jacobs P.O.V

Watching her sleeping in my arms is the best feeling. I'm so happy she likes me in my wolf form but as she said she wants a friend. That was a little sad but if she needs a friend that what I will be. If I have to wait a year I will. Even though I just met her I love her and will do anything for her. Its getting late so I pick up and brought her to her room. I pulled the covers over her and I kissed her forehead and let my lips linger there foe awhile. When I pulled back and was going to leave her eyes opened and she grabbed my hand.

"Can you stay? I don't like to be alone." I nodded and took my shirt off and climbed in behind her and wrapped around her waist. She pulled my arm tighter around her and pushed her back against my chest. I had a big grin on my face that she wanted me to stay.

"Don't worry I will never leave you." I said once I thought she was asleep.

"Good I don't want you to leave." And I looked down and she had a smile on her lips and she interlocked our fingers and squeezed my hand. Oh my god she meant it! I had an even bigger smile on my lips and fell asleep like that. When I woke up Suzzie was still in my arms and was pressed further into my chest so I was almost covering her with my arms. I started to stoke her cheek and she turned around and pressed her face into my chest.

"You stayed." She said into my chest not looking up.

"I told you I wouldn't."

"Well most of my "friends" used me for my brains so I really can't trust anyone."

"Don't worry I'm not like that. I will never leave you unless you want me to ok?"

"We will see but thanks I fell like your telling the truth." And she smiled at me. Thanks goodness at least she trusts me some but I think more for now.

"Are you gay?" she asked. I just laughed.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because you're a sweet guy and are caring and most guys like that are usually gay."

"No I am not gay I actually like a GIRL right now."

"She would be lucky to have you." And she put her head back into my chest and went back to sleep.

"Good because she is you." And I got out of the bed and she woke up a little and I told her I had to go and went outside and changed into my wolf form and sat outside in the woods. When she came out I stepped out of the woods.

"Hi anda I guess you like me since you came back. And she sat crossed legged and I put half my body in her legs and my head on her knee and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling.

"Hey anda I can tell you a secret right?" and I wined in response, "well this guy his name is Jacob and he said that he won't leave and I believe him and it scares me because I never felt like this and I don't know what to do. I think he likes me but I'm afraid he will leave me once he sleeps with me." I wined again and got up and sat on my hind legs on her shoulders and put my head on her right shoulder like a hug and she wrapped her arms around me.

"You know if you were human you would have all the girls over you." I pulled back and licked her face and I laid back in her lap again and she stroked behind my ears. After a couple of minuets I heard a howl and a small red wolf came out of the woods baring its teeth. I knew it was Lily by her color.

"Stand down Lily!" I said to her threw our mind link.

"No that slut needs to be taught a lesson now move so I can kill her!" and she growled and started to move closer and I jumped up and stood in front of Suzzie protection her.

"MOVE NOW JACOB I AM GOING TO KILL HER!" and with that I lunged for her and dragged her into the woods to kill her.

"What are you doing!?!?!" yelled Lily in my head.

"You are going to be trilled for becoming a rouge and helping the others and attempting to kill the alphas mate!"

"This is bullshit I am your mate not her!!!"

"No your not!" then the rest of the pack came into the clearing we were in.

"I called you here because I am putting Lily on trial for helping the rouges and trying to kill my mate so I ask should I kill her or banish her to the realm of no return?" most people said to kill her so that's what I did.

"Lily you here by are going to be killed for you actions!" and I killed her and left her there for the animals to eat her.

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