Chapter Two

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"You look tired," Audrey said as soon as Gabriel entered the room. She had a knowing smirk on her lips as she tapped her pen against her work station desk. Gabriel sighed, going to his station right next to hers. "You're sister called me last night looking for you. She said you stormed out and she couldn't get a hold of you, so I just figured you were with a man," she said with a shrug, smirking towards Gabriel. Gabriel looked over to his friend, watching her eyes glisten with amusement as she examined him.

"You say that as if I make a habit of finding a man when I'm upset," Gabriel scoffed. Gabriel was definitely not a play boy like Audrey made him out to be. Sure, sometimes he finds himself in bed with someone when he's not at his best, but it's only human nature to seek comfort when one is lonely. It's not like he does it all the time, just occasionally. "Gab, I've known you for years. You can't really play innocent with me," she said with a chuckle and Gabriel mentally rolled his eyes.

"I'm not trying to play innocent. I'm simply stating that I don't always fall into bed whenever I'm upset," Gabriel said as he reached for the peppermints on his desk, popping one into his mouth. "Sure, sure. I'll restate what I said before then: Were you with a man?" She said, her eyes filled with the hope of getting in on some of the tea in Gabriel's life. Gabriel smirked at his friend, his eyes locking onto the woman next to him who he sadly called one of his closest friends. "Alright, alright. Yes I was with a man," Gabriel finally caved, earning a loud squeal from Audrey. "Shh, people are staring," Gabriel urged Audrey with a chuckle, causing the overly excited woman to cover her mouth.

"Was he cute? What color was his hair? His eyes? Did he have a big package?" Audrey flooded Gabriel with questions. Gabriel let out a sigh, racking his hand through his hair. "He was gorgeous. Almost a little too perfect if you ask me. It almost makes me regret rushing out as fast as I did," Gabriel told his friend, leaning back in his chair as he thought about the man. Michael. His name had rung in Gabriel's mind all over again. Gabriel shook his head, hoping to rid his head of any thoughts of the man from last night. What's done is done and there's no way Gabriel could change that. They merely slept together and parted ways. Nothing for him to possibly linger over.

"Gabriel," Gabriel heard his name being called and his head turned towards the sound of it. Gabriel frantically stood up, turning to face his approaching boss who wore a gentle smile on his lips. "Mr. Monroe. Good morning," Gabriel managed to choke out. The older man gave him a beaming smile, giving a kurt nod at Audrey before turning back towards him. "Actually I have something important for you to do today. You see, my stubborn son has finally agreed to pay my company a visit today. You're one of my most loyal and trusted employees and I'd like it if you would be the one to show him around," Mr. Monroe gently patted Gabriel on a shoulder. Gabriel smiled, happy that the man had came to him with the task because it showed how Mr. Monroe viewed Gabriel and having the man trust him brought him a sense of satisfaction.

"Sure, Mr. Monroe. I would be happy to," Gabriel told his boss. "Great. He will be here around eight so I will send my secretary to fetch you once he comes," Mr. Monroe told Gabriel who nodded. Mr. Monroe gave him one more pat before walking back towards his office. "I can't believe Mr. Monroe asked you to babysit his son. I wonder what kind of person he must be," Audrey commented and Gabriel eyed his friend. "Probably stuck up and arrogant. He's definitely rolling in dough," Gabriel stated, a grin coming across his face. Gabriel knew it was wrong to judge a person, especially one he had never met, but he couldn't help but wonder what kind of person he was.

Gabriel popped another peppermint in his mouth as he joked with Audrey, the mysterious son of Mr. Monroe being their leading subject. Their laugh was interrupted by Susan, Mr. Monroe's tight lipped secretary. "Mr. Monroe's son has arrived and he requests your presence urgently," she stated and Gabriel nodded, standing from his seat. He brushed the wrinkles from his shirt, and threw on his best professional smile, hoping to earn a few points towards a promotion from this. Susan turned on her heels, walking away with a slight sway of her hips. Gabriel followed closely behind, sighing from the sudden nervousness. He internally urged himself not to screw up, knowing how big it was that Mr. Monroe had entrusted him out of all of the people in the company to accompany his son.

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