Susan stopped in front of the door of Mr. Monroe, turning to give me a slight smile before turning the handle and pushing the door open. Gabriel sighed before taking a deep breath and plastering his best smile onto his face. Gabriel stepped into the room, his body straight with confidence as he approached his boss and the son who was facing away from him. "Hello Mr. Monroe," Gabriel greeted with a grin as he got closer to the two. The older man looked from his son to Gabriel, a warm smile coating his wrinkled feature. "Gabriel," Mr. Monroe said and Gabriel noticed the son tense at the mention of his name. Gabriel raised an eye brow at the son's weird reaction but decided not to question it. "You must be Mr. Monroe's son. My name's Gabriel," Gabriel smiled and reaches out a hand for him to shake. The man turned slowly causing Gabriel's eyebrows to scrunch in confusion but he still maintained his smile. Though when the man had faced him completely, Gabriel's smile completely dropped.

"Michael," the son said, gripping Gabriel's hand with force. Gabriel swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. Gabriel looked at the man whose once naked body was now clothed in a suit, his messy hair now styled to perfection as his eyes seemed to examine Gabriel. Gabriel bit down a groan. It was as if he had bad luck, like everything was out to get him. He is his boss' son, one who could probably get him fired with just one word. Gabriel couldn't help thinking he was stupid, a fool who just falls in bed with anyone just because he's upset. Now look where it has got him. Gabriel snapped out of his trance, seeing that he was still holding on to Michael's hand. He quickly released his hold, his false professional smile returning to his lips once more. "Well it's nice to finally meet you Michael," Gabriel stated, finding it better to play it professional and oblivious especially since Mr. Monroe was watching them. "Likewise," Michael said before stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Gabriel eyed Michael, the man doing the same to him as silence budded between them. Gabriel never could have imagined that he would meet Michael again, especially under such circumstances. He was Mr. Monroe's son! Just imagine if Mr. Monroe found out about their late night experience; he would be fired on the spot. His only way out was to pretend he never met Michael, hopefully the other man would do the same.

"So," Gabriel started, clapping his hand together with his fake smile. He had a job to do. Even if he wanted to back down and disappear off the face of the earth, he knew that wasn't an option. "Shall we get started." Mr. Monroe gave a beaming smile, seeming oblivious to the tension that brewed between Gabriel and his son. Gabriel wasn't sure if he actually didn't notice it, or if he was pretending not to. Either way, Gabriel wasn't going to question it. "That would be great," Mr. Monroe said, giving his son a pat on the back. Michael smiled towards his father before his eyes found Gabriel once again. Gabriel motioned for Michael to follow him before turning. He could hear Michael's footsteps behind him as he walked out of the door.

"So we're just going to pretend like nothing happened," Michael said from behind Gabriel. "That's exactly what we're going to do," Gabriel told him, not even bothering to turn around. Gabriel heard Michael sigh as he continued walking. "Maybe I don't want to," Michael said causing Gabriel to stop and turn towards the man. "It was a one night stand Michael. They're meant to be forgotten," Gabriel stated and Michael visibly tensed, causing Gabriel to raise a brow. "Maybe I don't want it to be a one night stand," Michael countered and Gabriel's eyebrows scrunched with confusion. "What do you mean?" Gabriel asked, even though he obviously knew what he meant by that. I guess in a way he didn't want to think what he thought was true. "I mean I don't want that to be our one and only time," Michael admitted, a small blush coating his cheeks as Gabriel looked at him as though he'd lost his mind. "You're my boss' son," Gabriel put an emphasis on the last two words. Did he seriously think he would get involved with someone closely related to the very person who could make or break him. And say if he did decide to get into some kind of relationship with Michael. If they didn't go well, would the blame for the separation be pushed onto Gabriel, causing him to lose everything he has worked for. Gabriel wasn't taking any chances.

"So?" Michael sasses with a slight roll of his eyes. "So? Is that seriously what you're going to say," Gabriel was hoping to get it through him that there was absolutely no way they were going to work. Gabriel wasn't willing to risk everything he worked for just to fall into bed with a man. It's not like Gabriel can remember the contents of the night before anyway. "It's not like you'll have to worry about me being your boss' son for long," Michael mumbled as he looked away. It was as if this man did nothing but confuse Gabriel. "What do you mean?" Gabriel found himself asking for the second time. Michael approached him in slow, steady steps, his hands sliding up Gabriel's dress shirt as he stared into the man's face. "I mean that you won't have to worry about me being your boss' son when I actually become your boss," he whispered, causing Gabriel's breath to leave him. "Then this company will be mine and I'll be free to do what ever I want. Do you think this visit here today is just for fun? I guess you're not as smart as you are sexy," Michael purred and Gabriel had to look around to make sure no one was around.

"Must you behave like this at my job," Gabriel found himself growling at the man who simply smirked at him. "If it means I'll get another night with you then sure," Michael countered as he ran his hand over Gabriel's groin. Gabriel gripped Michael's wrist and glared at him. He couldn't believe Michael would do something like this at his job, let alone the very building his father is running. It just shows that Michael stopped at nothing when it came to getting the things he wants. "Fine, one more night. But after that, whatever this is between us ends and everything stays professional, is that clear?" Gabriel hissed and a smile crept onto Michael's lips. "As clear as day," Michael said before biting his lip. Even though today was pretty cloudy, but he'll keep that thought to himself.

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