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Nikko enjoyed her three weeks in Toronto. She had loved spending time with her cousin. They had gone to Niagara for the falls and for wine tasting. She had also enjoyed food tripping around the city. It made her forget about that good looking jerk in the airport. Dammit! Ok almost. 

Her cousin had work today so she was flying solo. It was her last day, her flight home was tomorrow.  She decided to walk around the city again, enjoy the crisp fall weather and maybe grab an ice cream sandwich later from that place in Ossington.

She knew she must have taken a wrong turn somewhere when she found herself walking around the University of Toronto campus instead of Chinatown.  She was going to retrace her steps back when she saw the Robarts library. The architecture intrigued her, looking at it from a certain angle, the building resembled a giant turkey.

I've got to take a picture of this, she thought and pulled out her phone. She couldn't get a decent shot from where she was standing on the sidewalk and decided to move onto the street since a brief glance showed no traffic coming down St. George street. She quickly looked from left to right but before taking a step, her gaze dropped down and saw her shoelace was untied. She bent down, laced it up then straightened  and stepped on the street.

There was a sudden screech in tires and a force hitting her hip as she felt her whole body being thrown backwards.

The right side of her body hit the road first followed by her head.  She lay still for a minute trying to process what happened when she heard a female voice scream, "Oh my god Jay! You hit her!"


Seconds earlier...

"This is so like you Liv, last minute plans always. I can't believe you made me drive to your alma mater today to get your papers." He complained to the girl who just got in his car as it was parallel parked along St. George street.

"We could have done it any day the past 2 weeks I was here." The guy in the driver seat released the brake as he prepared to pull out, inching forward to pass the car parked in front of them.

"I'm sorry Jay, I was too busy packing up all my stuff the past weeks. We leave for Manila in a few days so I had to cram everything in." Liv pouted then placed her head on his shoulder as Jay stepped on the gas.

"It's fine." Jay sighed and turned his head sideways to give her a kiss on the head.

She suddenly jerked her head and looked straight out the windshield. "Watch out!"

A girl suddenly stepped out from the front of the parked car on their right. Jay slammed the brake., The car to jerked to a stop, but not before the bumper made contact with the girl, the momentum of the impact sending her flying backwards.

Liv opened the door yelling, "Oh my god Jay! You hit her!"

"Jesus! She came out of nowhere! Is she ok?" Jay said scrambling to remove his seatbelt.

Liv had made her way to the girl lying on the road.

"We're so sorry. Are you ok? Does anything hurt? Wait! Don't move!" she said as the girl tried to get up. "Jay! We need to get her checked out!"

Nikko squinted against the sunlight as she peered at the face of the pretty girl talking to her. She looked familiar but she couldn't place her.

"My hip hurts." She groaned, holding her left thigh as she shielded her eyes and face from the sun with her right hand. 

"Jay! Hospital now!" she heard the girl call out to someone.

Nikko suddenly felt herself being scooped up off the ground by a pair of strong arms and carried off. She was tempted to remove her hand to look at her rescuer but decided against it as she listened to two voices arguing.

"Jay! You shouldn't have carried her. What if she has broken bones and stuff." the girl reprimanded.

The person carrying her spoke,  "What did you want to do? Wait for an ambulance? She moved her arms and legs, I don't think it's anything serious."

"How would you know? You're not a doctor." she heard the girl argue.

"Liv! Are we going to have her checked out or not?", his tone was impatient.

"Ok sorry, let's go. Just be careful. She might be more injured than we think."

"That's what I'm doing." The guy said as he shifted Nikko's body closer to his.

Nikko felt another stab of pain when the guy fixed his hold on her. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply catching a whiff of his scent. He smelled like lavender mixed with cocoa. She found herself tucking in just a tiny bit closer to his body to get more of the scent and found her nose pressed against a very solid chest. She felt herself turn red and was glad her hand had remained over her face.

Grabe ka Nikko, she admonished herself. Naaksidente ka na nga inuuna mo pa yung kilig.

She was suddenly laid down on the backseat of a car and heard the two people get in front. She lowered the hand covering her face and tried to get a glimpse of what they looked like.

"I'll go to Mount Sinai. It's closer." she heard the guy say. She furrowed her brow, now that she was no longer huddled in those firm biceps, she thought his voice sounded familiar.

"Just drive!" The girl pointed forward then turned to the back seat to face her. "Hi, I'm Liv. We're so sorry about what happened. We accidentally hit you earlier, but we're taking you to the hospital to make sure you're ok."

Nikko suddenly sat up and pain shot through her hip. "Aray!"

"Aray? Pinay ka pala!" The girl exclaimed and looked at Nikko's face.

"Yes. Don't bother bringing me to the hospital.   I don't have money to be paying for any examination.  Besides, I'm ok." She grimaced as she rubbed her left thigh.

The car suddenly stopped and the driver turned around.

Nikko found herself face to face with the last person she wanted to see.

"Faulkerson?!" she stared at him.

"I knew your voice sounded familiar. Of all the people...", was his response.

"Umm...am I missing something?" Liv asked looking back and forth between the two.


I've been updating this story more often than usual.  It's just I want to get the introduction and setting up out of the way faster so i can get to the actual story I want to write.  

Thank you for appreciating with your reads, votes and comments.  =)

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