Chapter 3: Awkward Arrivals

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Fredbear's POV:

Her skin was bruised a blistered, and her hair ritilled with knots, but it had to be her, it just had to be. Apart from the withered look to her apperance, she looked almost exactly the same as I remember her. But there was one thing in particular that stood out from the rest of her altered features. Her eyes.

Her bright sea green eyes were not the colour I remembered them to be, they were now, if anything, grey. Not even the slightest tinge of green was able to be seen in her now glassy eyes, just a swamp of murky purple. My thoughts began to smarm in my head again, each asking similar questions but none getting an answer until she spoke. Her voice was delated by the pour down of rain outside, but I could still hear her as clear as day. "F-Fred...?" Her voice seemed to echo throughout the halls, fear and confusion rittled throughout her soft tone. It was definitely her, it had to be.

Only two people knew me by that name, and this sure wasn't Freddy so It could simply be no one else. Her right ear was torn, her clothes in rags, but it was without a doubt the one person who had ment the most to me in the world. "Sp-Spring?!" I uttered, tears forming in my eyes as I did. Before I had time to retaliate against it, I had a face full of hair, and a wet shoulder. She had bolted out of her prisoning room and into my arms quicker than it had taken me to breathe. She was sobbing happily into the crook of my neck, but there was also a wince of pain in her remarks. I hugged her back softly, being wary of her injuries in an effort not to cause her anymore pain. She slowly lifted her head off of me as she rubbed her weary eyes. She looked up at me, her now pale lavander eyes gazing into my peircing nile blue ones. Our moment was then sadly and rudely ruined by none other than the worst brother in the world, as himself and Bonnie came tumbling out of his room in a large ball of limbs in which left them both sprawled out across the doorway to Freddy's room. I don't know what they were doing exactly, but knowing those to gaylords,(yass) I honestly don't want to either. But next thing I knew it, Bonnie sprang to his feet looking as if he'd just been hit by a bus and waved at me. I waved back at him whilst exchanging confused looks with Spring. 'Thanks Freddy and Bonnie.' I thought to myself. 'What a great way to re introduce yourselves after 10 years'

(Fourthwall breaking time :3 okay so, let me explain. Basically, Goldie or Fredbear is 14 years older than Freddy, so is Spring. Fredbears Family diner shut down 10 years ago when Spring and Fredbear were 19 and Freddy was 5. Freddy is now 15 years old, and Spring and Fredbear are both 29. Spring remembers Bonnie and Freddy when they were kids. Well robotic type kids I guess lol.So yeah hopefully you understand now and if you don't then I'm sure there's some nice people down in the comments that will help you :3

Any ways, continuing the story!)


He then looked over towards Freddy who was still lying in a heap on the ground and blushed slightly. He then turned back to me and Spring again and smiled as he continued to push Freddy back into his room and slammed the door in a fit of embaressment. The next few moments were awkwardly silent, but Spring seemed to brake it by asking me questions. "Wait a second, was that-" "Yep" I replied, knowing what she was going to ask before she even asked it. "And that was-" Uh huh" I stated, yet again before she finished. "And…They were-" She actually paused for me to speak this time. "It's… Best we dont ask I responded awkwardly.

'Now thats what I call an Awkward Arrival' I thought to myself, shrugging my shoulders at my recently re discovered best friend.

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