ᴛʜᴇ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴇɴᴄᴏᴜɴᴛᴇʀ

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At only six in the morning, the Zootopia police department's work day had merely just started. But the officers were already in training. Getting trained by a certain bunny.
An agent to be exact.
Jack Savage.
A bunny who had worked with the ZPD ever since he had started his career, which one could claim was a lifetime ago.

All of the officers were outside on a court, lined up as Jack lectured about their forms and gun control.
He seemed to have been talking for what felt like hours, but he had only just begun.

Among the line of elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, and other large officers working for the ZPD, there was another bunny aside from Jack.

The ZPD's first rabbit Officer, was just awing over Jack.
Judy Hopps.
Judy was the first bunny to ever become an officer for the ZPD, following Jack.

But he was never mentioned.
Never brought up.

At least, not to Judy.

Although she usually kept her focus, the other member of her species was more than distracting for Officer Hopps.

Nicholas Wilde, the ZPD's first fox officer, and ironically Judy's partner, kept his emerald gaze locked on the mammal standing nearly a foot shorter standing beside him.
He made sure he wasn't all to obvious, however.

He's never admit it, but he had only know this Jack Savage for around an hour, and he already disliked him, and all the attention his partner was giving him.

Ever since he had arrived much earlier that morning, it was as if Judy had blocked out Nick even existing, and focused all her time and energy on this mysterious bunny who was allegedly an agent.

Judy believed she was the first bunny to ever become an officer, let alone hold a position of such power - but to find out there was another.

There was another before her.

She was in awe.

"When taking someone down from behind, aim for the back of their knees. That is where most mammals lay the weakest. This way, the criminal will have no possible way of escaping after getting shot, if you so chose to aim for such an area." Jacks dominate voice rang through the officers ears as he walked up and down the row.

What he lacked in size, he made up for in sound.

"In the knees." Nick murmured to himself, that being a way he remembered - but from the standpoint of another, it almost seemed like mimicking.

Judy, on the other hand, wasn't even paying attention to what the visiting Agent was actually saying.

And it was obvious.

"Hopps. Focus." Nick whispered, trying to stay undetected as he used his flat foot to lightly kick Judy's lower leg discreetly.

"W-what?" Judy stammered as she turned to her partner.
To Judy, she was focusing.
Focusing on Jack, that is.

Judy's sudden break of silence caught Jack's attention.
The poor rabbit had spoken at what seemed the only second Jack hadn't been.

And so, the seemingly assertive bunny approached the Officer.
Jack was slightly taller than Judy by a few inches.
It was the ears, really.

"Officer......what did we discuss about the importance of paying attention?" He asked, expecting a clear answer.

When Jack had gave his initial rules at the beginning of his lecture, when he had talked about not talking, Judy was distracted then as well.

For a moment, Judy was dumbfounded.
She need to regroup herself.

There he was. 
Right there.
In front of her.
Speaking to her.

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