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Loud cries of pain,
bodies scattered around
the street where people gathered
to spread love and celebrate

Heart hurts to see,
dozens of innocent people
running away in horror from the
nightmare none could

Terror crawling into
their minds as their teary eyes
beg for mercy in a game where innocent blood is

"In the name of my beliefs,
I'll shoot you thrice, to further my
misguided causes you all
have to miserably

Hate knows no limits,
terrorism has no religion, terrorism
is a sick, twisted mission to find
potential targets
once again.

An utter disgust to
humanity, whatever happened to
mankind and his decency?
Who is to blame and
who is not?

Living with this uncertainty
and fear is like
living in a wrecked planet with
no atmosphere. It's

Will we ever find
a way to resist this situation?
Will we keep fighting to keep peace
or will we lose and let the
world be plagued?

Will we join hands,
no matter the religion, color and
political views to build a world
filled with love or will we see
enemies everywhere?

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