Dicks Galore- Chapter 2

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One day I was suckin a dick simple as dat nd den dis massive shoe like dick comes strollin up beside me ruinin my rhythm nd den he said
"Don't worry. Because every little ting is gonna be alright."
I started to cry.
"I ain't never heard anything so bootyful. Anywhere." The tears were rolling down ma face. He took somin out of his jacket. Twas a stick of weed.
" here, take dis u nasty hoe""
I did wat he said.
"But I don't have a lighter " I told him as da tears kept flowin like a river down ma face.
" I got cho back bitch " he told me as he gave me a dick shaped lighter. I almost licked it , it be lookin so tasty
" u are fabulousa" I ate da stick de weed. Twas just wat I thought it was gonna be. I started to cry again.

Da next day, I wrote in ma diary fo da first time in a verey long time. Wat did I write ? Idk dawg. I was high af