Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

"Wait, so let me get this straight, you're telling me that you were taken from your parents as a baby and raised by spies while training to become one?"

I nodded, taking a sip of my Coke. The beads of water on the side of the glass felt nice on my sweaty hands. I haven't stopped shaking since we left campus (covertly, since we weren't supposed to be allowed off anyway at this time.) I told Amber my story, reluctantly. But, hey, what else am I supposed to tell her after she just witnessed me shoot a guy? That I'm a psychopathic killer like the one in The Shining? Yes, because that would sit so well. I tapped my foot on the ground, eyeing the front door. Amber nodded, looking anywhere but at me.

"Amber, this is serious. I wouldn't be telling you this unless I absolutely had to."

She sighed, slumping in her seat. All around us, the restaurant as abuzz with nightlife crawlers. Couples on dates, friends out for dinner, co-workers out for drinks. It was the perfect atmosphere to hide myself. Too public for Eyal to try something. And, anyone eavesdropping wouldn't be able to hear a thing over the loud music and chattering customers.

"That would explain how you ranked so high as Stan's. But, Ember, I don't know. It's all too goddamned unusual."

She leaned closed, lowering her voice.

"Does Joshua know?"

I almost nodded, but caught myself. Of course he knows but, if she's not trustworthy and gossips about this, I don't want to drag Joshua down with me. So I lied.

"No, he doesn't. And you can't ever tell him! or anyone, for that matter. Amber, I need you to swear to keep this a secret. This is deep shit serious. My job could be compromised if you tell anyone else. Understood?"

Amber nodded, raising her right hand and placing her other over her heart.

"I promise to never tell anyone about the secret occupation of Ember Rhinehart."

I chuckled. She smiled.

"And that's why you're my friend." I said, rounding the table and giving her a tight hug.

One can only hope if she'll be able to keep her mouth shut...

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