Chapter 1 (Stiles)

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The Mate is meant to make decisions and a pack member can hardly disobey a direct order from the Mate. It's also the choice of the Mate to accept new pack members or ban them. Even Betas newly bitten by the Alpha, can been rejected by the Mate.

The Alpha and the pack members protect the pack from physically harm. The Mate on the other side, guides the Pack and is accepted as a leader, often even higher ranged than the Alpha.

- Paragraph from the Bestiary, Chapter: Alpha's Mate

How the hell did this became my life? That's what I thought when my Jeep slowed down and then stopped completely.

That wouldn't be such a weird thing, except we were in Mexico - In a desert - Searching for my supernatural-husband.

"Oh, no!" I said and jumped out of the Jeep. No wait, I didn't jump, I fell or I would have fallen, if Isaac wouldn't have caught me. As fast as I could I got to the front of my Jeep and opened the hood. I sighed when I saw that most of the duct tape was gone or didn't stick anymore.

I heard two other cars stop and my pup's pouring out of them. "How long will this take?" Scott asked while leaning over the motor. "Long." I just answered. "Maybe some could stay back and fix the car, while you and a few others already go ahead." I gave Jackson my best death glare. "I'm not letting my pup's alone." Malia rolled her eyes. "Look, you said yourself we are close, so why not split up? It's the fastest way to get dad and out of here. I mean maybe he gets tortured, while we are talking here ..." I now sent my death glare against Malia. "Nobody tortures Derek. I would know it. And right now it ... feels weird, like he is unconscious." Even in this moment I could feel Derek. It felt a bit like being hugged by him. Without that feeling in the last week I would have lost my mind. "Mom, it's the most reasonable thing to do." Allison argued. But before I could disagree, a coughing fit grabbed my body and left me shaking. After five minutes I calmed down and just then I noticed the hands of the werewolves and the werecoyote on my body. "I'm fine." I assured them. But when Kira leaned forward with a tissue to wipe blood from my chin, I knew how unconvincing I was.

I gave a really annoyed sound from me. "Fine! Jackson, Scott, Malia, Allison! You stay here and repair my car. The others come with me to find Derek." I ordered and the pup's began to get back in the cars or started to repair the Jeep. Isaac helped me in one of the cars. I still could get into a car on my own, but the pup's were all so overprotective and it just got worse when Derek disappeared.

While I was sitting next to Liam in Jackson's car, I thought back to the day Derek disappeared.

It had been just a normal day. The Pup's and me had been in school - Lunch break. When I was nicely chatting with the pup's, my stomach suddenly started to ache and I could feel Derek's fear. I screamed at the others to get me to Derek. They did and a few minutes later we were there, in the middle of Derek's loft and just a little puddle of blood was left on the ground. For the first time in forever I had a panic attack. The next few weeks we desperately searched for clues - anything that would help us find Derek.

In the second week after Derek disappeared I started to cough for the first time. By the time Deaton found a location spell for Mates over a month has passed and my head hurt most of the time and the coughing got more persistent.

But now we were close enough for me to find Derek just with our Mate-Bond.

I looked to my side at Liam. It was a funny story how Liam became pack, actually all I know about that story is that Derek just appeared one day on my doorstep with a scared teenager, who started at our school a few days earlier.

Derek had just said. "I accidentally bit him." I had smirked and asked how it was possible to accidentally bite someone. "It's a funny story ..." Derek had said, but then he changed the topic. Liam became part of the pack just a week before Derek had disappeared, he still had trouble controlling the shift.

So we were lucky today wasn't a full moon.

Five weeks before Liam became the newest Beta, Dad had told me about an accident years ago on a full moon night. A family had a car crash, probably caused by coyotes. Both Parents and Daughters died. But actually just one daughter died, the older one turned into a coyote and had lived in the woods for years. After we somehow got her to turn back into a human, she quickly learned to control her coyote side (even if she still has problems with that, because of her temper) and settled in the pack. The last part was mainly because she liked Derek so much, because he could also turn completely into an animal. She also quickly found a friend in Kira, a Kitsune (Japanese Fox), but I'm sure there is something more than friendship going on.

Kira moved to Beacon Hills just a few days before we found Malia. So her mother (also a Kitsune) had asked for an audience with the local Alpha (Derek said, that was just polite and traditional, I still thought it was kinda weird). Because I was the Mate I needed to be there too. Everything we did was drinking tea and Kira's mother announced they would live in Beacon Hills now. While Derek and Kira's mother just threw around polite phrases and made small talk, I talked to Kira. She would be in a few of my classes and because she was new, I thought it wouldn't be bad if we would become friends. She kinda reminded me of a female version of Scott. A bit cute and puppy-like, a bit naive and smiling like the sun. Therefore I liked her from the beginning.

When I realized that Kira's mother wanted to go soon, I said "It was great to meet you. We will see each other at school, then I introduce you to my pup's." Kira giggled a bit, because she thought it was too cute for me to call the pack members puppies. "I will look forward to it. It's nice to make a few new friends." I brightly smiled at her. "You already got one."

I heard how flesh hit on flesh and turned around to see how Derek had given himself a facepalm. Kira's mother smirked a bit. She didn't smile with her lips, it was more like an amused gleaming in her eyes, but I would count it as a smile. "Seems like my daughter is already part of the Hale-Stilinski Pack." Derek just nodded and after Kira and her mom had gone home, I gave Derek this questioning look that said, I had no idea what just had happened. He sighed and explained. "When you are a Supernatural being asking for an audience with the Alpha and the Mate and the Mate calls you a friend and wants to introduce you to their pack, so you all will become friends, you are practically pack." I just raised an eyebrow. "What?! It's not as simple as that! I mean just because I want to be friends with someone doesn't mean that person is pack, I mean what about your opinion ..." Derek rolled his eyes at me. "Stiles, all your friends are pack in your case it's the same. Besides didn't you notice Mrs Yukimura said 'Hale-Stilinski-Pack'. It's as much your pack as mine. I also talked with Chris yesterday on the phone because he found out that a Mate decides who is pack." I looked sour. "What? And you are telling me that now? Why not earlier?"

To sum up that story Kira was pack from now on and Derek and I had a little fight about telling each other things, but everything turned out fine, because the fight just ended in awesome sex.

"Mom, we are here." Erica said and helped me out of the car. In front of us was an old half destroyed church and I felt that Derek was close. He was here, finally we had found him. I felt stronger again, nearly like I wasn't sick anymore.

I would have Derek back.

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