Chapter 8: Silver Blood part 2

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Chloe's pov

Everything happened too fast. One minute Brian was trying to explain what the others were saying and then he dropped on the floor, unconscious.

Before I knew what was going on, Jeremy was besides him and Alex had caught Jay by his neck, who dropped something that looked like a syringe in the process, and pinned him to the wall. I thought I saw Alex's eyes flashing gold for a second, but they were quickly back to normal.

"We said no", he said slowly in a deadly tone.

"He will be fine", Jay managed to say despite Alex's grip.

"If anything happens to him, I am going to kill you myself", he said in the same tone. I was getting scared, partly because of him and also because Brian was not moving.

"Let him go", the other guy, who must be of higher authority, said.

"You're not my Alpha", Alex said.

"No, but this is my pack and there's only two of you", he said.

"Alex...", Jeremy said and after a second he loosened his grip.

"W-What did he do to him?", I asked Jeremy.

"Poisoned him", he said with a hard glare.

"What? What does that mean? What will happen now?", I was getting more nervous by the minute.

"He will be fine", Jay repeated rubbing his neck. Oh, what does he know? Actually, what do I know?

"What do we do?", I asked Jeremy.

He looked at me. "We wait."


I looked at myself in the mirror. Savannah had lent me some clothes, so I wouldn't keep walking around on what I was wearing yesterday. After we talked for a while, I decided I liked her too. I looked so tired though. I barely slept last night with everything that happened, I got a pretty big shock this morning and now I find out my parents had something to do with werewolves? What is going on?

It'd been about twenty minutes since what happened and Brian was still unconscious. Jeremy explained to me how wolfsbane works and I was growing more worried by the second. What if something went wrong? What if he didn't survive because I'm not a werewolf? I was still not clear on how everything about mates worked, but I knew I cared, even though I'd just met the guy. I knew it didn't make any sense, but I did. He had to be ok, right?

I heard something cracking and looked up, seeing the mirror breaking in pieces in front of me. I did that? Wouldn't be the first time I broke something because of these... powers? So, broken mirror, seven years of bad luck, sure... Because everything has been going according to plan up until now.

I needed to know more about what they said, about my parents, but on the same time I didn't want to have anything to do with them. What if Brian dies? It will be their fault! Or... mine? I am the one who's not a werewolf...

"You should really learn to control that", I was startled by a voice and turned around quickly. It was that guy from before, Jeremy said he's the Alpha, as far as I know he's the leader of the pack.

I ignored him and turned back around.

"I know you want answers and I can give them to you. Well, most of them. As for your boyfriend, he's going to be fine", he said.

"He's not my boyfriend", I muttered without turning around. Really? That's all I got to say?

"No, he's your mate, that's more important."

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