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chapter eleven: a quick visit

Holland turned the keys in the deadbolt of her apartment door. It swung open after she pressed her shoulder to it, the wood jammed from the summer heat.

She knew Tony was in her flat, the new plastic addition to her keys told her that much. He liked to show up unannounced on her. It was sort of like a game to him, one that Holland wouldn't tell him to stop even if she wanted to. She imagined that he believed her connection to his father was grant enough for a particularly close relationship.

Holland dropped the keys into the glass bowl by the door, letting out a sigh as she did so. Tony was right where she expected him, sitting on the couch with a more than smug expression on his face. In his right hand was probably the only flute glass she owned and he was sipping on a darker drink. Upon closer look, she guessed that it looked like soda.

"Why hello Mr. Stark. To what do I own the pleasure?" Tony smirked and sipped the coke then placed the glass down on the table.

"Just a quick visit." Holland raised her eyebrow, not fully believing him. The smirk melted into a smile, a more gentle expression on his face. "I wanted to come check in on you. With everything that's been going on and such."

Holland felt herself smile at the kind notion. Tony Stark wasn't a necessarily kind person to others. It was just the type of person he was. But yet here he was in her apartment waiting on her to get back. Holland walked over to the couch and sat beside Tony, close enough that she could speak to him but far enough away so that they weren't touching.

"I'm fine, Tony. I promise."

He nodded, settling back into the couch. He halfway expected a fight, expected Holland to turn down his question of her well-being. So when she didn't he found that he had not planned what to say this far ahead. "Alright."

"Just alright?" Tony nodded again.

"Just alright."

This made Holland smile, standing from the couch to walk to the kitchen. The two fell into silence. It wasn't unpleasant but rather a silence among friends.

"The Captain America exhibit at the museum is finally open. I was thinking about visiting it tonight or early tomorrow."

Tony turned his gaze to the kitchen opening. "I've heard about it."

Holland nodded and walked out of the kitchen, this time with a glass of just water in her hand. "It's something different reading articles and watching documentaries about your own life. I already know what's happened to me and yet I've relived it more times than I can count."

"Do you know if there's a section on-" Tony stopped his sentence there. He could say his name but he chose not to. He did not know the exact place where her boundaries lied so he tried his best to avoid them.

"Bucky? I believe they will. Steve isn't Steve without Bucky." She smiled but Tony could see that it only barely reached her eyes. "They might also have a section on me, if they could find enough about me."

Tony finished the soda and set the glass out of reach. "My father kept employee records. It should be enough, Holly."

She smiled and let it break behind her glass of water. Tony watched her carefully, noticing the way she was slowly closing in on herself.

"Do you need someone to go with you, Holly?" She shook her head, playing with the rim of the glass.

"I thought about asking Steve but I think I'll just go by myself. I think it'll be better for me if I do."

"Of course." Tony stood from the couch and crossed the floor in only a few steps. He stood in front of Holland, now able to see all her small ticks so much clearer up close. He took the glass from her hand and set it down. With her hands free Holland didn't know what to do with them. Tony took them in his own, just holding them without too tight of a grip. He waited a moment for Holland to look up at him and when she did he offered her a softer look through his red tinted shades. "I'll leave my card here in case you want anything at the museum."

Holland scoffed, more amused than angered. She laughed for a moment. "Here I thought you were gonna say something nice."

Tony smirked. "Is money not nice anymore? I thought that was a pretty nice gesture." Holland looked down at her feet then back up at Tony.

"It was, Tony. It's your way of showing you care." Tony broke away from her, fighting the urge to smile.

"Now that's- that's a stretch really." He raised his finger to point at her for a moment. Holland let herself smile. She knew he cared. Somewhere beneath the ego and the fame and the reputation he cared for her like his father once did.

"I don't need your card, Tony. Thank you for offering but I won't need it." Tony nodded and folded his hands together.

He paused, not yet knowing what to say. "Promise you'll keep yourself safe, Holland?"

Holland looked at Tony, spotting his father first before she saw him. She smiled, genuine and true. "As well as I can, Tony." He took her words carefully, believing them because she meant them.

"Well, I'm out." He started to walk towards the door and indirectly towards Holland. As he passed he leaned down and planted a kiss on her cheek, his trimmed facial hair tickling her as he did. She smiled at Tony as he went and he couldn't help but match it. He reached the door in a couple of steps, taking a moment to look back into the apartment as he did. "Keep the keychain. It's a gift."

She laughed and watched Tony at the door. "I was planning on it."    

an: hey guys how long has it been since i last updated? im honestly so so sorry it took this long ive been so busy and this book just fell on the backburner but i think i may be picking it up again if i have time between band and school but here's a little glimpse at tony and holland together because they are so perfect together and honestly if things we different i would ship them just like i shipped howard and holland just holland with any stark boy is so nice like yessss

and she's highkey gonna get so emotional visiting the museum because thats like her whole life on display for others to see and for her to relive and theres gonna be stuff on bucky and stuff on howard like can you even imagine

and she's highkey gonna get so emotional visiting the museum because thats like her whole life on display for others to see and for her to relive and theres gonna be stuff on bucky and stuff on howard like can you even imagine

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