Seeing Double Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Okay, so i'm waiting outside the principal's office and it has'nt been a month yet, talk about badass, waiting for our heads to get chopped off, Jacob had been called first. Leaving me with Jake. It wasn't so bad but i didn't realize we're going in one by one. Damn, I hate being alone when I'm in trouble. It's like going on a sucide mission alone, knowing you'll die alone. Did i mention I hate being alone? Shit. I shouldn't have played around. I shouldn't have hit Jacob in the first place, then i wouldn't have to smear crap on his pretty face, meaning Jake wouldn't throw bullshit into my face which means no food fights. 

"Hey Iris, chill okay? Stevens ain't so bad, probably detenion during the weekends and getting told off a bit but its all good" Jake gave me a hopeful smile, patting me on the back.

I gave him a small smile. 

UGH. I'm in deep shit for sure. I trembled a little. Back at Anderson High, California, i was always the good girl. I never went to parties and I don't break the school rules. I was even the top few student, always being labelled as 'smart ass' and dealing with the girls. I hadn't even gone on a date, no first kiss, just a pure 16 year-old girl. 

And now, i feel like such a rebel and bad ass, it wasn't that bad. I like the feeling of doing what ever you feel like and the thrill that comes afterwards. It was awesome. Something new to the goody two shoes girl. 

"Come in Jake" a voice from inside the room boomed. 

OH SHIT IM NEXT. I'm gonna get all the detentions and suspensions and I'm gonna get lashed by Mr Stevens. Damn it. 

I saw Jacob walking out of the office looking guilty and sad as Jake walked in with the abdonded puppy expression. Just as the door closed, Jacob yawned and started streching a little before sitting next to me. What the heck? 

Jacob must have seen my confused face or something, " Relax, there's nothing Stevens would do" he said shrugging. 

"Oh yeah?" I replied unsure of what to say. 

"I'm serious. Jake and I have done far worse and Stevens didn't even gave us a suspension, neither did he called our parents" He place his arms behind his head, leaning back. 

"Oh? So both the Charters are the bad ass kind? Don't look like it though. Don't get me wrong, Jake doesn't, but I'm not sure about you" I looked at him head to toe. 

He laughed saracastically. "Jake's twice as bad, he only changed to being the cute and cuddly kind because it was getting boring, heck, everything was getting boring here" 

"No way Jacob, Jake's not that type of person" I replied shaking my hand dismissingly. 

Or is he? Nah, he isn't the bad boy kind.

"Iris Summers" 

I gulped. It was my turn. I stood up, took a deep breath before going in. 

"Don't cry Iris" I heard Jacob say teasingly. 


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