Chapter 24 {An Actual Break}

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Jin's POV
I wake up in the morning. But this time was different. Aphmau was pulling on my arm and was Sky begging me to get out of bed. I continued to lay down face first into my pillow ignoring them.
"Come on Jin!" Pouts Sky "Please get up!" Complains Aphmau. I groan in response "Fine then Aphmau stand back, he's a kicker!" Says Sky "WhaAA-" I say being picked up off my bed by Sky.
"Put me down Sky!" I exclaim "Nope!" Says Sky putting me on his shoulder. I try to kick and get off but fail, I quit resisting Sky and let out a sigh as he carries me downstairs to the living room where everyone else is.
Sky sets me on the couch and has a triumphant smile plastered on his face "Alright so why was I forcefully dragged down here for?" I ask "Cover your ears." Says Cory covering his "Wait wh-" I start "WE GET TO GO TO A BEACH!!!" Shrieks Aphmau. Man she's so adorable when she's excited.
"How are we going to get there?" Asks Shelby "Follow me." Says Red going up to the second floor. We follow him up stairs to a round marble table. "Since when was this here?" Asks Cory "It's been here the entire time you guys just never explored the second floor I guess since your rooms are on the third floor." Answers Red "So why are we at the table?" Questions Sky.
Red swipes his hand across the surface and a 3D map appears. You can see all the cities, the ocean, mountains, forest, and rivers on the map. "Woah how does this thing work?" I ask.
"Well most people assume magic is either fake or disappeared from this world." Answers Red "Oh man that's awesome!" Exclaims Sky "Yeah but I wouldn't advise you guys to try to use magic, it wouldn't work well with your powers." Says Red "What about you, you have the power of Fire." Says Aphmau "After the time travel stunt I pulled the magic quit responding negatively to me." Answers Red tapping on an island.
"Is that where we're going?" Asks Max "Yup!" Answers Red "I'm happy we finally get a break!" Says Ross "Yeah this will be great!" Cheers Shelby.
"This will take about 10 minutes to charge so go get a bathing suit and stuff." Says Red "But we don't have any!" Says Max "The closets are magic too, you can get any clothing accessory you want from it." Says Red. Aphmau and Shelby gasp at each other before running up stairs.
The rest of us walk up stairs and change.

Cory's POV
While walking up stairs I stop Max in the hallway "What?" Asks Max "I wanted to make a deal." I say "Okay what is it?" Questions Max "Neither of us mess with Shelby, we won't talk to her unless she approaches us first, and we don't fight with each other." I say "Okay I agree." Answers Max holding out his hand. I take it and we shake on it before I go into my room and take off my shirt and put on some black swim trunks and my camera mask.
I walk out and all of us guys are done changing but the girls seem to still be choosing. Sky is wearing golden swim trunk, Red has red ones, Ross has grey, Jin has purple, and Max has more of a mellow yellow then Sky's and is the only guy to be wearing a T-shirt which is white.
We wait around in the room with the map. We hear the girls giggling to each other as they walk in the room. Aphmau walks in first wearing a purple bikini and connecting the top and bottom together is a diagonal strip of the bathing suit. We look over to see Jin blushing "Wow Aph you look beautiful..." Says Jin "Aww thanks Jin!" Chirps Aphmau.
Next Shelby comes in wearing a pink bikini the top is frilly and has a red bow in the center of it and the bottom is a frilly skirt. Max and I look at each other blushing "You look great Shelby!" Says Max "Yeah the pink looks really good on you!" I add "R-really?" Says Shelby "Yeah totally!" Says Sky.
Max and I look over at Sky "Hey sorry if I have a good sense of fashion!" Says Sky holding his hands up. "Alright everyone ready?" Asks Red "Yup!" The rest of us say in unison "Okay just put your hand on this island and wait for about 5 seconds." Says Red. We all do so instantly being taken to the island.

Aphmau's POV
I open my eyes up to see we are at the island. On it there are other people walking around and playing "This is so awesome!" I say "Does everyone still have their accessories?" Asks Red.
"Yup have mine!" I say pointing at my earrings "Mines right here!" Says Shelby readjusting her hair pin "It's not going to fall of my wrist anytime soon!" Replies Jin looking at his bracelet "Mines not going anywhere!" Answers Sky showing the ring on his finger "It's right here!" Says Ross pointing to the pin on his swim trunks "This isn't coming off my neck." Says Max holding his necklace "And mines still on!" Says Cory looking at his necklace.
"Good now we can go and do whatever we want, just try not to use your powers." Says Red. Shelby, Ross, Max, and Cory all run off in one direction and Sky and Red go another. I walk up to the beach with Jin by my side.
"So why'd you stay with me?" I ask "Well everyone else had a buddy so I thought we should be buddies." Says Jin. I giggle a little "Aww that's so sweet of you Jin!" I say "So what do you want to do first?" Asks Jin "Build a sand castle!" I exclaim "Alright then let's go!" Exclaims Jin running ahead of me. I quickly run behind him to catch up.

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