The Lost and Their Stories

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dear JC,

You see what happened last night? A drunken student driving his car hit our car which made us furious! It is absurd that he never came to his senses as to what happened, and completely denied he was drunk. He might be able to deny it to his grave but my nose will never lie. I smelled it.

How do you want me to help? Should I share with him your story? I do not know. My love for you will guide me. I see you smiling.

Your father is still crying. He said the guy last night could have been you if you are still driving and drinking. Thanks God, it will never happen to you again.

Every time there is someone under the influence of alcohol getting into trouble, it could be you or your father. Both of you can also be in dungeon, in jail, in the hospital, in hell, and anywhere they are. I'm at peace. I know where you are now.

God gave you not the gift of sobriety, but the gift of life, of love, and of service because you are being used today. I'm sure.


The only picture of an alcoholic I used to have was the scarecrow, and the bum on the street; the insane and the scary. I never knew that it was a restricted image I have because the disease of alcoholism is not choosy. It strikes in all walks of life.

"They know they are not demons, nor even the worst of men. They know that generally, they are kind, generous, and charitable, even beyond the example of their more staid and sober neighbors. They are practical philanthropists; and they glow with a generous and brotherly zeal, that mere theorizers are incapable of feeling. Benevolence and charity possess their hearts entirely; and out of the abundance of their hearts, their tongues give utterance." Abraham Lincoln on his temperance speech. 1

The temperance movement during the 19th century was a social movement urging reduced or prohibited use of alcoholic beverages. The movement criticized excessive alcohol use, promoted complete abstinence, or pressured the government to enact anti-alcohol legislation or complete prohibition of alcohol. They blamed alcohol for many of the society's perils: murders, crimes, accidents, work jeopardy, dysfunctions in the families, to name a few, just like what we have today.

Hearing news of a drunken dad molesting their kids still makes my blood boil. It is happening all around, rich and poor alike. Poor little ones. We do not usually look at the role of alcohol in such stories. Our immediate reactions make us not think twice. Only a person out of his mind can do such an act, like how people under the influence are. They can do all sorts of crime when drunk.

Our local community sent three drunken teenagers to jail last week. They had a wild outbreak within our subdivision. They ransacked the gate and threw stones because they thought someone inside was making fool of them. Sending them to jail was the only way we could make them face the consequences, although I'm afraid we have failed to treat the cause.

I remember two good brothers I know whose story breaks my heart. I witnessed them grow up. Last New Year, they got drunk and had a fight with their neighbor. The youngest brother hit him with his bolo followed by the older one. It was unimaginable to me that these two "creatures" would be able to kill somebody. They ended up in jail. Their mom was miserable. Their father had long been destroyed by alcohol without being aware of it. What made me even sadder was that none of them realized that they were victims of a disease long known to mankind.

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