happy times

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Naruto's POV

Sasuke comforted me as I slowly calmed down then my brother came back with the some water before heading off to find sasukie.

I drinker the water that was on a lage leaf as I drinking having the cool liquid go down my throat was refreshing.

But I knew I was still shaking badly as sasuke wrapped his arms around my waist as I leaned back and looked at him.

As I was a nice sunset out as the sun was rising softly.

"You woke us up quiet early dobe" sasuke says as he looked at me and I puffed my cheeks "shut up teme" I said causing him to laugh on the out side I was peeved but on the inside I was happy he was happy.

Menma and sasukie came back as they lied a leaf down with barries for everyone before disappearing into he forest for some reason we should save them something to eat.

I let sasuke have the rest of my water while I ate some of the berries gaara and killer be joined in to as they ate then sasuke I think he drinked my water as he ate some berries then we laughed and joked about things "hey Naruto what we're you dreaming about" gaara asked looking up at me as I looked down "it was just a bad dream no worries" I said not wanting to tell the dream while just smiling my ears still down, I know I worry people way to much in my life it's not even funny.

Hours past since menma and sasukie left as we waited for the two to get back.

While waiting gaara went off somewhere and killer bee went to the river leaving me and sasuke alone together.

Leaning back against sasuke I let all 9 of my tails out as I looked at him he seemed focused on something I wonder what.......but my curiosity was answered as sasuke began to softly rub on of my tails as he was now rubbing my fur backwards I don't want to say any thing as I put both my hands over mouth trying not to give away what I felt.

Remember how I said that I didn't want him finding out my weak spots well my tails are 9 of them hehe.

"S-sasuke.....c-ould y-y-you stahp" I said though I did stutter as I felt my face go hot so now I know for sure I was blushing.

"Hmm why should I Naruto is there a problem" he asks me I could here the smirk in his voice as I didn't want to say anything to him at all not even one word soon he sighed "just kidding I just really want you to tell me what happened in your so called 'bad dream' " sasuke asks looking at me I'm not really ready for this yet "oh um.....OK then we'll in the dream I was left allown in the forest by myself to survive on my own and everyone abandon me" I lied as sasuke, sighed and just hugged me "no one's gonna leave you alone dobe but after a few days once you've calm down and got fully used to yourself i want to know what happened" sasuke says dang it he saw right threw my lie.

Soon he left my tail alone and patted my ears before kissing my forehead that brings back memories.

I began to blush deeply I could tell cause my face was over heating alot it was killing me "u-uh s-sasuke" I said 'dang it I just stuttered good job Naruto' I thought to myself unhappy with me as I was dissapointed in me self before looking up at sasuke slowly only to see him with a smirk on his face "what ever your thinking about stop it's not right" I says as I tried to stop myself from blushing so much.

While sasuke only just chuckled softly before stopping slowly and hugger me closely I was so confused "s-sasuke" I stuttered again 'why am I stuttering'.

Sasuke didn't say anything as he kept hugging me closely it was like he was afraid to let go of me.

Sasuke's POV

I don't want to let go of Naruto right now I really don't you could probably say I'm afraid to but I can't help it.

I woke up with Naruto screaming I though he was hurt only to find him in a terrifing nightmare I won't let that happen again no not again he doesn't deserve this.

Soon sasuke and menma returned they must of found there selves something to eat them "OK let's go to the lake" Naruto says as he tried to get out of my grip so I slowly let him go but when I did I only felt like something bad would happen I was just getting over it.

So I followed naruto with menma and sasukie behind us the whole time "sure gaara bee" menma says as he called out for the two.

Naruto looked at his twin with worry look as if he was unconfertable with what his brother heck I cam agree with naruto on this one who knows we can have gaara of killer bee find out......but they could be the same either way I'm not bathing in a river with bee in it.

So once making it to the river gaara just now got there like up bee was already there when we got here.

"Oh wait be right back" menma says as he ran off some where.

Shrugging while wondering I decided to not even care so ya oh well soon after what felt like hours menma came back holding something in his arms "hey I'm back guys" he says handing naruto something as he unfolded it as it was a white cloak than he walked over to me handing me a back cloak with red clouds on it.

Handed killer bee a cloak that was also white.


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