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When a Bellatorian dies in battle the weapon they died with is lain in the coffin with them. When we are married we cut our palms and join in blood and marriage, thy blood, your blood.

What Constance couldn't fathom was why in the world would they ask a witch in an overgrown forest, which truly wasn't anything more than just a cluster of trees, for her 'godly' blessing of the happy couple.

If the gods told her the marriage won't last there would be consequences. It was legend that the witch would curse you if went through with the marriage and when you kiss your true love the curse would enact. If she gave her blessing then the couple would never part. What bullshit.

The muddy thicket was a pleasant change to the sand and stone she was accustomed to. Arcadia wasn't known for it's vast trees and green grasses. Arcadia, a kingdom of sand surrounded by the sea. We were known for our grecian architecture, weirdly inforced traditions, and wet sand that stays.

Ironically the trees and grass were her favorite part of Arcadia. They reminded her of when she was eight years old and her mother had get two servants to carry her from the garden. Constance had been prepared to camp out under the stars and above the fake grass. Her mother always had said she craved the woods and it wasn't a lie. You could lose yourself inside them and for someone not afraid to be lost, it was paradise.

That was what she wanted - needed. She wasn't ready for her marriage or to take control of her country.

The bride to be on the morning before her wedding walked through the soundless thicket. She had a feeling that something was most definitely wrong. Forests, no matter how many she had ever step foot in, weren't supposed to be this quiet.

Constance almost walked past it, but she could sense something off about the tree. Upon closer inspection the tree had a slightly darker cut out piece around the back  - a door. She knock on the door, but it didn't sound hollow. She knew she should had turned around, but her curiosity got the best of her. She pushed the door and it slowly swung open slowly to reveal a spiral staircase leading up inside.

She took a step inside and called out to see if anyone was there. No one answered again.

Curiosity lead the girl up the stairs into a small round room at the top. She decided to wait and look around. Constance's fingers were inches away from picking up a cookie when the woman walked in.

"Hello, deary." Her voice was smooth and she sounded like Constance's grandmother. Constance's hand jerked to her side and she turned around quickly. She imagined she looked like a little child who was about to steal a cookie - which was partially true.

"Hello." Constance replied. The woman walked closer to Constance. "Hold out your hand and I'll tell you what you want to know." She said with a warm smile. It took Constance a few seconds, but she reluctantly held out her hand for the woman. The woman took her hand and made a series of faces.

Constance's stomach sunk down the bottom of the tree when the woman gave her an apologetic smile. "Many of the woman who come to me- their hearts beat for someone else. You however are confused. Very confused. My only advice, although it is not from the Gods, is for you trust your heart when it screams the answer it may desire. If you go through with the marriage there will be consequences, not only for you, but for different parties involved as well. The Gods do not give their blessings." She thanked the woman and ran out the tree house.

Constance left the woods and was relieved to smell the fresh sea air as she exited the thicket. She approached the band of guards that took her out to the thicket. The guards sprung to as she stepped out of a small clearing. "I'm ready to leave." She told the guards. They immediately started to ready for her return to the castle.

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