nights in the forest and nightmares to come

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Naruto's POV

Night time me, menma, sasuke, sasukie, gaara, and killer bee were deep in the forest far from the building not wanting to get recaught as we had to get back home.

As we staid silent gaara looked at us "I think we're far enough we should stop for a break and set camp" gaara says as he looked at us as if he didn't really care how we really felt "gaara right" sasuke says crossing his arms as we stopped and sasukie instently hit the floor as he looked like he ran a marathon while menma looked down at the tired Uchiha with dissapointment unhappy with, him sasukie sighed as he looked up at my twin brother who had his arms crossed "what I'm tired you can juge" sasukie says as he glared at menma and cossed his arms while sitting down.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he leaned against a tree while gaara sat on the floor and killer bee practiced his raps.

I sighed sitting down beside sasuke who 'was leaning against a tree' we sort of calmed down but we had our guards held up until killer bee stopped rapping wonder why looked over and see he's not there so I stands up and went to go check to see were he went that was until I heard screaming so I went back to were the others were menma was looking at menma as he was chocking sasuke was worried, about his brother while gaara went to go look for who was doing it.

But every thing happened so fast so very fast as I was hit by something and blacked out.

Walking up later I felt something wet on my face as it rolled down my cheek then as I put my finger onto the wet substans I saw that it was blood and I almost scream not a girly but a manly scream.

But getting up I notice around me I was alone so I went to find were the went I didn't want to be here alone so once I found something I wish I didn't as I spotted the corpse of my brother and crush plus sasuke brother.

Gaara and killer be they didn't look right as tears went down my cheeks as I cried and screamed as I soon fell down a black whole.

Hitting the floor I heard growling as I looked around and was attacked I couldn't see a think as I panicked why why is this happening to me why.

Moments passed as minutes turned into hours and hours turned into weeks I felt pain and only pain but soon a door opened so I got up and ran to it.

Just to be face to face with someone I didn't want to see my old master I thought I got away from him I thought....... why.... why is this happening now.......I want to be happy....

"Let's go you little brat" he says as he picked me up by the collar that was around my neck how it got there I really don't know how but it's there.

I was placed in the floor in front of a dog bowl "eat up them out Butler is gonna give you a bath cause we have guest and I need you to behave" he says cruelly but I nodded and obeyed.

During the day well he was right we did have guest and I was dressed in some uncomfortable clothing really I was were a freaking skirt for peat sakes.

I had to great everyone at the door as I put on a fake smile like I was told to.

"Hello ma'am well to the mansion" I said happy wagging my 9 tails and wiggled my ears as the lady squealed at the cuteness I want to claw her eyes out. It that would be terrible of me.

Question how I go from being with my friends to being with an abusive master I don't know actually.

But once the guess was here I had to serve some foods though I mad a few mistakes you know that lady who I treated kindly ya I spilled hot tea all over her.

But soon getting hit I blacked out.

Walking up I was chained to the wall as I looked to see my master he don't look to happy "i-im srry" I said scared he had a freaking whip in his hand he didn't take sorry for an answer as he wiped me once twice three times fore times more than once as I only screamed in pain.


I was woken up as I felt like being shaking instead of hit as I opened my eyes just to see sasuke, menma, sasukie, gaara, and killer bee looking at me.

They all (except gaara) looked worried "hey Naruto are you ok" menma says being the first to speak while was still paralysed I tried to say something but I couldn't even mutter a word at all.

"Menma go get some water for Naruto ok" sasuke says as my twin nods ad leaves "I'll find him something to drink" sasukie says leaving.

That's when I found out I was laying in sasuke's lap he was conferring me as he ran his fingers threw my hair calming me down I found out my ribbon was off my head as I had my ears lowered still "ya fool you scared me ya fool" killer bee says as he crossed his arms "bee I don't think your helping" sasuke says as gaara nods as pushed killer bee away from us.

I lifted my hand to touch his cheek to see if he was real just my luck he is as I hugged him as close as I possibly could and ya know what I cried yup that's right I cried into sasuke's chest what ya expect I was scared ok.

Sasuke hugged me back as he whispered in my ear saying 'everything was gonna be OK he wasn't going any were' calling me down.


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