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       a short female monologue

(dressed in black, she steps forward to speak.)

her: i was really good friends with him and we've known each other for years. we were best friends and i don't know, he was like a brother to me, you know?

he wrecked his car a lot. i mean, he drove from home to school to his job everyday and i remember him always borrowing money from me for gas. ten dollars one day, five the next, fifteen the next — whatever amount he was short. he always paid me back; he was good that way — he never forgot.

he played a lot of sports, but i think you all know that. he was really well-rounded, i guess you could say. he, uh, he...he liked music. we used to go to all these battle of the bands things in town and they were really fun. he was really fun; he was a really fun person.

fun? i've known him all my life and the only adjective i think of is "fun." hah. he was the sweetest person in the world. he always made you laugh and he was just this really beautiful person.

god, i still remember the call. the goddamn call. it was like three in the morning and his mom called me. my phone was on top of my physics homework that i put off until the last hour of the weekend, and it just kept buzzing and buzzing. so i didn't answer it at first. it was 3am and i was sleeping, so i decided not to pick up. but then it rang again. and again. and then i picked up.

then i got the car keys and i ran to the door. i left a note on the counter and i ran. i'm pretty sure i went thirty miles over the speeding limit, but i honestly didn't care, i just-


i went to the hospital and he was already dead. 3:18AM. monday. november fifth. i mean, i've never hated mondays, really. not until now.

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