I have been editing the story recently! So don't get confused when the grammar suddenly changes in a few chapters! The chapters that are edited don't have the "--" 


--Chapter 1-- = NOT EDITED

Chapter 1 = EDITED


Hi! Okay so this is my first fanfic ever so please don't be too harsh :)

I wanted to clear up some things since this is a very different version of season 4;

- There was no Nogitsune. 

- Since there was no Nogitsune, Allison didn't die (yay)

- Boyd and Erica didn't die.

- Stiles is a single pringle.

- There is no Twins (sorry guys)

I think that's it but if there are any more changes I will explain them on the story :)


Now that that's cleared up I want to mention a few people that I will dedicate this entire story to:

- @Fernanda_lizarraga - She is the awesome girl that helped me through everything (still is) in this story and she has magic fingers that edit exceptionally, she is also my BFF ;)

- @Stiles_The_Runner- Without her this story wouldn't have a cover or a proper title, thanks!

- @siimplytasha - Well she dedicated a book to me so I should dedicate one to her to!


Thank You for deciding to read this story, I hope I don't dissapoint!

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