Unwanted Visitor Round Two

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The guys were being spoiled. 

Ever since I became a part of this pack and moved here, they’ve been getting home cooked meals three times a day, help with their laundry, and tons of girl advice. I didn’t mind though because it felt good to be needed by others, it seemed like I was born to fill the role of Alpha Female.

Despite all I did, they never took advantage of me and even helped with everything. The only one allowed to help in the kitchen was Austin after the disastrous breakfast the day after Trevor and I mated. When it came to the kitchen the only appliance they knew how to work was the microwave. I had to explain everything to them and their concentration was shot because they could still smell that I was in heat. Due to these issues, the breakfast we made was inedible. The pancakes were flat and burnt because Greg added too much water and Jeremy kept staring at my butt instead of watching the pancakes. The eggs were only half cooked because Craig kept the heat on the lowest setting, removing the eggs only a couple seconds after pouring it on the pan. When I asked why he did that, he said, “I didn’t want to burn the eggs like Jeremy was burning the pancakes.” so instead of having us choke on a burnt egg, he wanted us to risk dying of salmonella or something like that, good choice. Not.

The only thing that came out decent was the bacon Austin was in charge of, but only because it was one of those that you could cook in the microwave. Where was Trevor during all of this? He was kicked out shortly after we started because unlike the guys, he didn’t have to control his wolf’s reaction to me being in heat so he was on me like white on rice making it hard to get anything done.

After making them wash all their dishes, I kicked them out and found a box of blueberry muffin mix in the back of the pantry, I whipped it up and we ate bacon and muffins.

All in all it was a good week. 

By Thursday I was completely done with my heat and the guys relaxed around me. I found that they were just like my guys, Nate, Jace, Brad, and Jared. It helped me with missing them. I still saw them in school and tried to hang out as often as possible but it wasn’t the same.

I was excited for today because I would get to hang out with them for a little while before my sister and I went on our girls day. 

After having a tickle war with Cody, I kissed him on the forehead following with a heated kiss for my mate and promised them I’d be back soon. The identical frowns on their faces were adorable and almost too hard to resist, but I’d been smothered with an overload of testosterone lately and I needed a break. I was worried I would start burping and farting like mad, even growing an extra body part, if you know what I mean, so it was definitely time for me to do all things girly.

Besides, the guys were planning on taking Cody out to play In the surrounding woods before they set up for the party tonight and after they did their daily rogue patrol. Rogue’s weren’t really too big a problem for us right now, ever since the battle that took the lives of Trevor’s parents, they seemed to have kept to themselves. There have been some signs of them in the area over the last week, but Trevor says it seems they were just passing through and not to worry. He still insisted that I never go for a run alone, like I did the other afternoon, and to make sure Cody only plays outside when one of us is around.

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