Chapter 4

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Sherlock's P.O.V

I walked in and saw Anderson shaking Y/N's hand. Jealousy flashed through me and i drew him a stinker of a look. Y/N looked at me with a confused look and Anderson smirked. I decided i wasnt going to shut her out anymore i would deal with these feelings but damn no, i wasnt letting Anderson get her. "See you round Y/N", he said
"Bye Phillip", she replied.
My fist clenched? Their on first names, really? I took Y/Ns hand and told her i would lead her to Lestrade. When our hands touched i felt sparks ignite within me and I knew she was the one. It felt so strange yet so amazing. I yearn for this sensation but also, i dread it. I think its, what do human minds call it? Love?

Your P.O.V

Sherlock took my hand and said he would take me to find Lestrade his attitude had changed completely. He gave me a genuine smile and we reached the office. Detective Inspector .G. Lestrade. I recognised the name but i couldnt place a face. When we knocked and walked in he turned around to face us.

Lestrade: "Y/N?

You: "Oh my god Greg?"

Lestrade: "I havent seen you since you were 16"

It all came flooding back. Because of your deduction skills everybody thought you were a freak and shunned you, apart from one person, Greg Lestrade. He was a few years older than you but he was like an older brother to you, he stuck up for you, made sure you were careful and was with you where ever you went but at 16 you moved to Florida and you havent seen him since.

He runs up to you and gives you a big hug and you hug back.

You: "That was ages ago"

Lestrade: "How old are you now?"

You: "22"

Lestrade tells John and Sherlock what happened.

S: "You can deduct too?"

You: "Yup"

S: "Wow i never thought there was anyone else like me out there"

He shot me a shining smile. And then it hit me. It hit me like a really cold night after a sunny day, it hit me like a ton of bricks, it hit me like a hammer. I , Y/N L/N ,was falling for the one and only, Sherlock Holmes.

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