Chapter 3

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Your P.O.V

I unpacked fast and had an hour to spare. So i got ready. I let loose my hair and curled it also i added a touch of hairspray to hold it. I wore my burgundy red mini dress, put on black heels added a short black cardigan with long sleeves and grabbed a clutch to match. Not to forget i grabbed my Detective Inspector L/N necklace badge and walked outside to hail a cab. As soon as i stepped out i was greeted by Sherlock and John. Oh my god, Sherlock looked so handome. Quit it Y/N, get that thought out your head. They said they were going to Scotland Yard so i was just to get in the cab with them. Sherlock rolled his eyes at John's instruction. What is his problem with me?

Sherlock's P.O.V

John and I were on our way to Scotland Yard when Y/N joined us. God she looked stunning. What Sherlock dont even think like that. You CANT think like that. Youve only known her for like 3 hours. I dont know what this feeling is but i just want her. I want to cuddle her at night when shes feeling scared and be there for her when shes having trouble or stick up for her in a fight. But i cant do that, Im the Sherlock Holmes. Its Impossible. Im starting to doubt that.

John P.O.V

I never thought i would see that look in Sherlock's eyes. His pupils dilated when he saw Y/N. Love. The world's only Consulting Detective is in Love. His breath wavered when he scanned her. Aww. Sherlock's in Love. Then it hit me like a bomb. Sherlock Holmes, heartless holmes, is in Love.

Your P.O.V

We got into the cab and before we got out at Scotland Yard Sherlock and John warned me about Press. I had no idea till John handed me the paper and plastered on the front were Sherlock and John. There were loads of cameras waiting there and when they saw us, questions were fired photos were taken.

"I see from your badge your a DI. Are you John's girlfriend?"

"Sherlock where's your hat?"

"Are you solving a new case?"

Questions and questions and more questions. I blushed and quickly speed walked into Scotland Yard. Sherlock and John drew each other a look and ran after me. I got in and brushed myself down. A man walked up to me. His tag read 'Anderson'.

"Hi you must be the new D.I, Miss L/N?"

"Please, call me Y/N"

I shook his hand

"Okay, call me Phillip then"

Just as I was shaking his hand Sherlock and John walked in. Sherlocks eyes flashed a weird look at Phillip and Phillip smirked. I'm missing something here.

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