Chapter 2

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Your P.O.V

I walked into 221B with John. A curly haired man with gorgeous cheekbones faced the window playing a violin. Explains the music. He turned around sharply and scanned me up and down. Almost like he was trying to deduce me. So i deduced him: Just like me, doesnt like being around people, psychopath? No wait, a high functioning sociopath but before i could get any further he cut me off with a coughing sound and i completely lost focus. He turned to John.
"Another one of your girlfriends?", he asked with a sharp tone.
I drew him a disgusted look and he laughed. "Clearly not by that look she just drew me", he then added. Oh my god i hadnt even moved in yet and he was annoying me but he was oh so handsome. Shut up Y/N! You hardly even know the guy! "The name is Sherlock Holmes", he stated. "Y/N L/N." , I replied.

S: "Do you wish tea Y/N?"

You: "No thanks, I'm good"

S: "So how do you know John?"

You: "We met each other just there on Baker St."

S: "So what brings you to London?"

You: "How did you know i wasnt from London?"

S: "Its obvious."

You: "I got a job as a Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard."

*Sherlock spits tea out*

S: "Good luck working with those idiots."

You: *rolls eyes*

S: "So where are you living?"

You: "221c, just downstairs."

S: "Intruiging"

I drew a confused look.

" I'm just gonna go downstairs and unpack. Ive got work in 2 hours.", i said.

"Bye Y/N come back up soon" - John

"Yeah see ya round" -Sherlock

"Bye" , i exclaimed and ran downstairs to unpack.

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