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Your POV
Next morning I arrive at the hotel to pick Lauren up in a uber. We hug and get into the uber, we arrive at the airport before the traffic which was good.
We head to the VIP lounge, while we checked in we had another hour and half before our flight so we had breakfast and watched some of the airplanes taking off.
"Where in the World would you like to travel if you got the chance?" I ask her looking at her. " I like to go Greece, I would love to see their culture, food mainly." "ohh and their Greek myths and gods. I love Greek mythology. I'm a geek of that." I say laughing. "That's cute." she says smiling. "Maybe we could go there sometime." I say. "I would that." she smiles again before looking at her watch. "We better go to board." I nod helping her up we walk to the boarding area.
Little did I know Lauren booked us first class. I never been in first class! I got really excited looking around in my seat and area. Lauren just laughed.
After 15 minutes into to the flight Lauren comes over to me. "Hey." "Hey L. You bored already." I chuckle. "I am." she laughs. "Want to watch a movie with me?" "Sure." she says smiling but frowned. "Where will I sit?" I gently grabbed her put her on my lap and put a blanket over us. I click play and began to watch Mulan. She squealed. "You know Mulan is my favourite Disney princess." she says happily. "I do and that's why I picked it." kissing her forehead. "Sorry I shouldn't done that." I mumble when I look down. "it's alright y/n. Look at me. It's fine trust me." lifting my head up with her finger and kissing me on the cheek. We watch the rest of the film.
After that Lauren fell asleep on me. The flighty attendant noticed. "I come back later with your food." she says smiling. "Thank you." I whisper.

Few hours later
We arrive into Miami, Lauren was in her own seat when we landed. She was like a child bouncing up and down getting excited.
Lauren explained me I was going to be staying at her family home with her. Her brother Chris was graduating High School. We met Lauren's parents Clara and Mike at the arrivals.
Lauren ran to her parents. Cute
I walked over with our suitcases. "Mum, dad this is y/n my friend from London I told you about." Lauren says. Lauren told her parents about me omg. I clear my throat. "Hello sir and mam." I say handing them. "Just call us Clara and Mike." says Clara. I nod we follow them to their car. I helped Mike with our suitcases into the car. We drive a hour away to their house.
We arrive. "You have a really lovely home Mike and Clara." I say. "Why thank you. Since your here this will be your second home." says Clara warmly. I think I'm going to enjoy this trip.
Lauren shows me to the guest room. And shows me her room is right across from me.
"If you need me, just shout okay." Lauren says. "Okay, and Lauren thank you." I say. "For what?." she askes. "For letting me stay here with you." I say smiling. "Its noting y/n." she hugs me and walks out. So after unpacking everything it was dinner time. I meet Lauren's siblings Chris and Taylor.
At the dinner table while we were eating. "So y/n you playing soccer?" Chris asked. "Yes I play for Arsenal ladies." I say smiling. "Like the real team? The first squad." says Taylor. "Yup, I'm the captain." "But your so young no offence." "TAYLOR!!" Lauren says. "No its alright Lauren. Yeah I guess I'm young I mean I'm only 19." I say. "Same age as Lauren. Noting wrong with it." says Mike.
After dinner I excuse myself to bed as I had a long day.
I got into bed to sleep but dreamt of Lauren which was weird cause in the dream she was playing football with me , she side tackled me as was on top of me next thing she was about to kiss me.
I hear my name called I wake up to see Lauren in her PJs. "Sorry for waking you but breakfast is ready." she says I nod stretching and getting up and walk downstairs with her. Today Chris is graduating.
"So Chris you excited?" I ask. "Heck yes! Can't wait for college." he says smiling. "That's good. College is great!" I say. After eating breakfast, we all get ready for the graduation. Lauren wanted me to be her plus one for the after party.

At the graduation
When Chris's name is called out I Snapchat Lauren cheering along her family. It's so cute. After the graduation they were having a BBQ party at the house.
Lauren got changed from her dress to shorts,bikini top and sandals. I just changed into white shorts, blue short sleeved shirt and blue vans.
Most of the time at the BBQ, I was sitting down watching everyone I then felt someone's presence, it was Lauren holding a beer for me. I take it from her.
"Cheers to college" says Lauren. "Even tho we aren't going." I say smiling she hummed and took a sup of her beer."Can I ask you something?" Lauren asked me. "Sure." "So are you gay? Straight or bi? Cause you never mentioned a bf or gf." she says. "Oh I'm bi. But I haven't been in a relationship since I was 17. Didn't really end well for me." I saying taking a long sip from the beer. "Whys that?" I look at her. "My ex girlfriend cheated with my ex boyfriend and bested me up at the end of it." I say sighing. She gets up sits in my lap and hugs me. "I'm sorry." she murmurs she put her head Into my neck. "it's okay you only asked me a question." I hug her tightly. After the BBQ died down Lauren took me to her bedroom and showed me her room. "you love the script and 1975 too?" I say looking really happy. "oh my god your fan too!!" she turns around to me. I nod and she hugs me. "Finally someone else likes them too!" she says, I laugh. "Do you want to listen to 1975?" "Oh my god yes I thought you never ask!" Lauren I listen to them for the rest of the night.

Next few days I got to know Lauren's family more and all of us went Down to Orlando to see the Orlando pride play as I promises couch. I saw Ashlyn Harris their keeper who's really good I add her to my list. I also watch the other team Portland thorns to see Tobin Heath. She's my favorite player.
After the game me and Lauren go up to the teams with the rest of the fans to get an photo. "Hey your y/n l/n right? You scored that goal on us with England in the friendly?" Tobin Heath say to me. I nod omg I'm dying.
"Your a great player." she says smiling. "Ttthhhannk you. You inspired me to play actually." I say stuttering. I notices Lauren taking photos of us. Tobin smiles. "Thank you! Want to get a photo?" She asks. I nod and I get a photo with her taken by Lauren.
This trip is amazing.
When we get home from Orlando me and Lauren cuddle to watch Pretty Little Lairs.

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