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The American Dream (Prologue)

       Tommy and I got married after I graduated high school and we finally had the perfect life. We had each other to lean onto if there were any ups and down. We had Jessica and Daniel as children, but Jessica is still my best friend every.

       She and I always seem to avoid my love life, but we talk about her relationship to Jason all the time. They have become so serious that Tommy, despite his and Jason’s past, has learned to accept. Jason as a person who has changed. I was happy for them, but I was beyond words when Jessica and Jason announced that for their five year anniversary, Tommy and my fourth wedding anniversary, Jason had proposed.

       They had an eagerness that radiated though their bodies. I was happy, but Tommy was reserved, but it was hard for him to face the fact that he was losing his twenty-two year old daughter, oh well. Somethings aren’t meant to change, and apparently one of them is the fact that Tommy will always be protective of his baby girl, the fruit of his loom...his balls, his oh so delicious large balls. Jessica and Jason got married two months after Jason proposed, but they still live with me and Tommy.

       Well...anyhow I just want to say something to get you guys into my story. Tommy and I have decided to adopt kids and two dogs. I know, big step, but we feel that it’s time to open our home to children and animals who want to grow up in a stable, loving environment.

       The boys’ names are Maxon and Alekxander, the dogs’ names are Jakie and Brandy (P.S. The last owner was an alcoholic), and this is our story.

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