Theo's POV:

"Blue-43! Blue-43!" I glance over to make sure all the guys are in the correct positions as I yell the play. Once I'm sure they are I yell the next word over the pounding rain as loud as I can without screaming. "Hike!"

Surely enough the ball is thrown into my hands and as the rest of my team distracts the rivals, I bolt down the field with the fate of this game left purely in my hands. My eyes drift up to see the clock. I have a little under 25 seconds to reach the end zone and claim a few points for my team.

As fast as I possibly can, I push myself to sprint harder and harder. My cleats pound one after the other into the green turf as I maneuver around players of the rival team.

Another look at the clock tells me I'm already down to 10 seconds. I run as if my life depends on it. Almost as if I'm in a long race and the finish line is getting closer and closer. I take longer and quicker strides as the timer winds down.

5 seconds.

I stretch the one arm with the ball as far as I can and take one giant leap of faith. Well if we're being technical it was more of a dive.

With the sound of cheers and boos I get back on my feet to see the referee signal saying a touchdown was made. My teammates bustle over and start jumping on me and sort of cause a standing pile of disgusting and smelly guys.

"Alright. Alright, guys." I get their attention. "The game's not over just yet. We can celebrate later."

We make the decision to kick the ball since there's an opportunity of more points. Plus it was a no brainer since we had an amazing punter.

With hardly any communication we set up a play where he'd have a clean shot of the goal post. We'd all been playing together for so long that we had it down to a science of how to do things on the field.


The ball sat up for the punter to kick it and he did. It never ceased to amaze me of how swiftly and effortlessly he could kick the ball and still make it. It's as if he didn't even have to try anymore.

I watched the football glide through the air and straight through the goal post. Our guys all immediately crowded around the punter, Garret Eli, and lifted him off the ground and carried him around in a celebratory manner.

After all the glorious hoots and hollers of pure happiness, we all eventually made our way to the locker room. Most of us took our heavy equipment off and were left in nothing but our cleats, socks and pants.

We all took our seats on the benches as we waited for coach to come waltzing in. He was known as one of the greatest college football coaches of our time, and although he was a great guy he was also very critical.

With his clipboard in hand and his headphones and microphone around his neck, he walked in while looking around at each and every one of us. Almost as if he was preparing a speech for each and every on of his players.

"Nice game, boys. You had me worried towards the beginning, but you pulled through. We need to really work on defense so I bet you can all guess what we'll be doing at our next practice," he grinned ear to ear as we all groaned knowing what absolute horror was soon to come. "As for now, rest up, and don't do anything stupid. I'll see you bright and early for workouts tomorrow."

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