Chapter 15 ~ Adelaide ~

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Hey guys, sorry for such a short chapter... I didn't have much time to write it. :P So if there's any mistakes, I'm sorry.

Anyways, ColourfulxInjection was the first one to guess correctly on who was coming. :) So this chapter is dedicated to him.

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Chapter 15 ~ Adelaide ~

“Your Mother's here. Should I send her up?” The smile that was on Master Carthwrite's face was startlingly happy. An excited gleam grew in his eyes as he stared at the pager.

“Yes, yes. Send her in. Thank you Patrica.” I could feel my mouth form into the shape of an 'o' while I leaned forward on his desk. “Close your mouth. Don't look stupid in front of my Mother.”

The door opened and all I could do was blink. How could someone so beautiful, have someone so horrible?

Her long black hair fell in soft waves over her right shoulder as she smiled, at Master Carthwrite, with her white teeth.

“Darling! Oh, Michael, dear it's been far too long.”

“Quite right Momma.” I almost laughed, while they hugged, when he called her 'Momma'.

“And who's this, Michael?” She walked over to me, raising her hand to touch my cheek. “Quite pretty, lovely hair and soft hazel eyes.” I looked over at Master Carthwrite, waiting for him to introduce me.

“That's Brandy. Got her from Fraiser's.” Both of us gasped at the same time, though I was sure it was for different reasons. I closed my eyes, feeling tears forming.

“From Fraiser's?” She looked at him. “How could you support such an evil thing?!” If it wasn't for my tears, I would've laughed when she hit him with her purse.

“Excuse me.” I knew I'd pay for it later, but I had to get out of there. I heard his Mother call me back, but I kept running. By the time I stopped, I found myself standing in front of the hall leading to the guards bedrooms. A door opened and closed, and I found myself staring at Parker.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before he opened his arms. Running to them, I cried. Halfway through crying, I realized I was in Parker's arms. Parker's; the jerk. Grinding my teeth together I pushed away from him.

“Why? You don't even care! Nobody cares!” I yelled at him through tears and started to run away.

“You have no idea what it feels like to have nobody care. You have no idea at all!” He growled, grabbing my wrist hard enough to make me bite my tongue in pain.

“Really? Try having your brother and his friends betraying you! Having your parents do absolutely nothing about it. Letting them take you away from everything you know, right in front of their eyes and they don't even lift a finger or say 'stop'?” His hand dropped mine and something stirred in his eyes. They clouded over as he pulled me into a hug.

“I'm sorry.” He didn't say it in pity, but almost with...understanding?

“Brandy?” I jumped away from Parker as Master Carthwrite's Mother ran up to me, heels clacking all the way. “There you are. I was worried sick.” She eyed up Parker with a 'stay away from her' look. “And who's this?” She asked through her teeth.

“This is Parker. He was, uh, helping me.” I shrugged, trying to act like nothing happened.

“I see. Well, let's go Brandy. We have much to do and talk about.” The grip she had on my hand was firm as she dragged me back upstairs. She stopped in the hallway and spun around to look at me. “Is he like a secret boyfriend?” She asked in an accusing tone.

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