Chapter 23 {Unavoidable}

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3rd Person POV
The teenagers in the living room watch Aphmau walk back down the stairs and a minute after Cory and Max follow.
"Um so what happened?" Asks Jin "Oh nothing!" Answers Aphmau with an innocent voice and smile. Max and Cory look at each other remembering the threat she made and shudder.
Shelby looks at Max and Cory noticing that they're awkwardly looking either up at the roof or down at the ground "Hey, are you two okay?" Asks Shelby "Oh yeah I'm fine!" Says Cory "Yeah nothing wrong here!" Replies Max giving Shelby a nervous smile and rubbing the back of his head.
"Hey Cory what happened to your eye?" Asks Max "Well um long story short I was kidnapped because my parents are famous, I tried to revolt, and they gave me this which somehow changed my eye color." Answers Cory pointing at his left eye. Everyone else stares at him in silence.
"What?" Asks Cory "Why are you crying?" Asks Shelby "Oh damn it!" Says Cory rubbing the tears from his face "You okay?" Asks Sky "Yeah yeah..." Mumbles Cory "You sure?" Asks Jin "Yes just bad memories." Answers Cory.
"You know you could tell us your whole story. We won't think of you differently." Says Ross "Yeah I mean we are a team after all." Says Red "No  I'm fine." Says Cory walking up to his room.
There was only silence. Finally everyone else decides to go to sleep.

Ross's POV
I'm the last one to get up in the morning and see everyone in the living room. "Finally we can start training!" Says Sky running out the door. Like usual we follow him.
I notice Max dazing in and out of reality. "Hey you okay Max?" I ask "Yeah I'm fine just had a nightmare..." Says Max yawning "Does Max need a hug?" Asks Shelby hugging Max.
Max flinches and shoves Shelby to the ground with horror in his eyes. "Hey why would you do that to Shelby!" Shouts Cory "I don't have to tell you!" Max growls back "Well I'm not going to forgive you for this!" Responds Cory "She shouldn't have hugged me in the first place!" Counters Max.
Cory and Max stand there glaring at each other. Cory is being surrounded by a blackness and Max by electricity. "I have had enough of you!" Shouts Cory before being engulfed by the darkness. He emerges from it with horns on the side of his head and his right eye red like what the book said but his left eye purple.
Cory charges Max, pinning him to the ground. Electricity surrounds Max until his eyes start glowing yellow. Max kicks Cory off him and with a snap of a finger he sends lightning bursting down.
I fall book curling into a ball repeating to myself over and over "It's not real, it's not real, it's not real..." Max hears this and looks over to me. Cory takes this opening and swings his scythe at Max scratching his cheek.
Max eyes quit glowing and electricity no longer swarms him. Cory looks down smiling about to finish Max off before Shelby walks up and slaps both Max and Cory before storming off.
Max runs over to comfort me and Cory transforms back to his regular self falling unconscious. "Hey Ross, buddy, you okay!?!" Asks Max "Y-yeah..." I answer hugging Max. He goes to automatically push me off but stops right before he does sighing.
We all walk back inside with Jin and Aphmau carrying Cory. Entering the house we see an angry Shelby.

Sky's POV
We wait until Cory wakes up before talking. "What did I tell you two!" Shouts Aphmau. Max and Cory stay silent "Well I guess what's done is done." Sighs Aphmau "Hey Jin I think you need to heal Max's cut." I say pointing to Max's face "Yeah if it's anything like last time better do it now." Answers Jin walking out the door with Max following him.
A couple minutes pass and Jin flops down on the couch "Man that's tiring." Pouts Jin.
"So why did you shove Shelby?" Ross asks Max "I don't want to talk about it..." Answers Max. Cory growls at Max "Stop it!" Says Shelby. Max and Cory look in shock at Shelby "I am sick of you two fighting over me and would like it if you wouldn't, I understand having a small rivalry but going into DIVINE MODE!" Shouts Shelby.
"I'm sorry..." Mutters Max walking up to his room "I'll be going to." Says Cory following Max. Shelby sits back down and sighs.

Max's POV
I lay down in my bed until night time rolls around. I hear the my door knob click and a meek looking Ross coming in and shutting the door behind him. I lift up the covers and he crawls under them shaking a little.
"Sorry about today..." I say "I-it's okay!" Says Ross trying to sound happy "No it's not Ross." I say smiling for some reason "Well everyone is safe now." Says Ross "But everyone was in danger because part of my stupidity." I say laughing a little "You laugh at the worst of times." Says Ross "I can't help it, just naturally comes." I answer.
We sit there in silence for a few minutes before Ross breaks it saying "I remember that one month you disappeared when we were around 12, does that have anything to do with you shoving Shelby so hard, I mean I know you've never been a big fan of hugs but that was overdoing it even for you Max." Says Ross "Yeah, stuff happened in that month..." I say trailing off.
"You know you can always talk to me about these things, just cause I'm the little bro doesn't mean I can't help." Says Ross punching me a little "Yeah I guess your right." I reply chuckling a little "So then what's up?" Asks Ross "You know how my parents are famous business tycoon owners, well of course some guy kidnapped me and he did stuff to me, it never went too far but you know it was still enough to you know..." I say "I'm sorry." Says Ross "It wasn't your fault Ross." I say.
"Why don't you shove me off you when I have a panic attack and hug you then?" Asks Ross "Because you're the one I know best so I trust you the most." I answer "What about Shelby?" Asks Ross "Well I get nervous around her and so I don't think before I act." I mutter trying to hide my blushing face.
"Aww it's so adorable little Maxy has a crush!" Coos Ross "Shut up Ross or I will punch you!" I exclaim "Fine..." Says Ross before yawning "Goodnight Max." "Night Ross." I reply.

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