Chapter 1

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Hey I just wanted to let you know... Yuki doesn't wear the uniform like the rest all formal like, she has the neck upward... like in the picture of ryuu from the side. now on with the story ^-^


I walked in school and sweatdropped as many girls looked at me smiling and giggling. Seems like word have spread from the incident. I shrugged and decided I had to look around a bit. I found a door that said 'Music Room 3' and smiled. I love music. My brother taught me guitar and I also could sing pretty good.

I enetered and found something completely different from what I expected. I then saw a guy (that looked too girly)  that was in a table with some girl. The guy said something and the girl threw everything making me look at her confused.

"Help! Haruhi-kun suddenly became violent!" she shouted.

"What the hell." I muttered as I helped this Haruhi guy up. "Such a bitch."

"Somebody hurry, this peasant-"

Two guys dropped water in her, making me smirk a little. I paid no attention to them.

"Are you alright Haruhi?" I asked as I looked at him.

"Y-Yeah, thank you..."

"Yuuki." I answered.

"Yuuki-sempai." He said as he smiled. He's a girl. No guy can smile like that.

"It's him Kyoya! He came here!" A blondie guy shouted as he pointed at me. His voice strangely familiar...

"Tamaki-sempai what are you talking about?" One of the guys from there said. I didn't bother looking at him.

"Remember the story I told you? About the guy that saved a damsel in distress? He's that guy!" Tamaki said as he pointed at me grinning. He somehow reminded me of my brother... only he seemed stupid, not just happy.

"Oh!" A little blonde guy said as he jumped at me. I however hate the closeness of a guy, so I put my hand up and he couldn't reach me.

"Don't take one step closer." I said coldly. The guy then cried as he got huge eyes... I felt bad. "Hey, don't cry... I mean... It's not personal, I just don't like hugs..." it didn't work, he kept crying. "F-Fine then... you can hug me." I muttered and he instantly jumped to my arms laughing. I always had a soft spot for kids... I let my arms loosly at my sides. At least he's a young kid... not like he's a dude my age like some of the others.

"Honey-sempai! Leave the poor ...guy alone!" Haruhi said as she shook her head. ( I decided she's a girl) She hesitated in guy...

"He has some girlish face doesn't he? Just like Haruhi." Someone said.

"Yeah," someone answered. I turned to them and saw they were twins.

"So," Tamaki said as he pushed Honey away and took me by the shoulders. "Do you want to-"

"Take your hands off me." I muttered codly. He slowly took his hands away as he looked at me scared.

"S-Sorry..." He said still shocked. 

"He does look like a badass type, right Kaoru?" One of the twins answered.

"Yes Hikaru, he indeed does." Kaoru answered smiling mischiveously.

"So, I'm leaving now." I said as I turned around.

"Eh, wait please Yuuki-sempai!" Haruhi said as she grabbed my arm. I felt a bit uncomfortable but I didn't push her away. She was a girl... I don't mind them that much as to push them away. Besides, I would look mean...