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"...and that's it for today. See you next week, when we will talk about the financial problems these organizations occasionally encounter."

Relieved I let out a sigh and quickly slammed my book closed stuffing it in my bag. The auditorium was filled with people and I waited impatiently for them to get out of their seats so I could get out. I drummed my fingers on the desk, as my mind wandered over the past lecture. I couldn't believe it was really that easy to delude people into paying money to what they assumed were trustable charity organizations - when in fact it was merely fraud.

What was wrong with this world? People were too corrupted - too obsessed with money and success these days.

Finally the line was clear and I glided out of my seat, stretching my numb limbs. After having been seated for so long it felt wonderful to get up. It wasn't like I was in a hurry - but on the other hand if there was even the slightest traffic I would be. Passing down the row quickly a voice interrupted me, "Amber - can I have a word?"

I quickly recognized the voice, as I had just spent the last two hours listening to that exact voice. I tried to ignore the alarming thought in my mind, that I couldn't be late, as I smiled and - instead of heading for the door - headed down to the teacher's desk. A brief wondering thought concerning the use of my first name flashed through my mind, but I pushed it aside quickly.

Admittedly it had taken a few lectures getting used to Mr. Calvin's unfairly good looks. He was even young - 24 years he had said, as he had introduced himself at the very first lecture. Apparently he enjoyed movies and had been working with different charity organizations after finishing his education in London. Also he owned a gold fish.

As I finally had made my way down the stairs to him in the end of the room I flashed a polite smile his way, "yes?" He turned to me from managing some papers on the desk and his brown chocolate eyes connected with mine. I tried hard to ignore the bubbling sensation in my stomach, as he flashed a white smile at me, "sorry for taking up your time Ms. Moore - I'm sure you got a lot to do a Monday evening like this! But I simply wanted to tell you in person that your hand in concerning the structure of smaller organizations in Asia was," I held my breath. I had handed that paper in too late - I had even met him off hours at the university during the day to hand it over. I prayed he didn't dump me - that would surely be reason enough to throw me off the course. I listened as he continued in his slightly British accent, "one of the best. I was very pleased with your conclusion - so I will not note is as handed in too late."

"Seriously!? That's great!" Relief washed through me and Mr. Calvin smiled at my enthusiasm, "but don't be late again."

After I had ensured him I definitely would not he finally let me go and I hurried up the stairs out of the auditorium, which had been totally cleared out by now. I could hear him chuckle on my way.

The cold night air hit me immediately, but I welcomed it gladly. The cold breeze felt amazing against my blushed cheeks. Sure the night courses were great - but they were very exhausting as well. I was grateful Mr. Calvin wasn't an old boring teacher - that would have made the two hours twice a week simply impossible to get through!

I loved Chicago by night - the small square lights in the tall buildings always had me marveled with their beauty. Just imagine how every little square held a home or workspace for someone. So that was what I usually spent my time daydreaming about, when I got on the nearly empty bus and took a seat by the window. Sometimes you could see people in the rooms and I would always end up trying to guess what their life story would be like.

The green color from the traffic lights were blurred through the window because of the drops of rain water, which slowly glided over the glass. Waiting for my stop I followed the drops with my eyes cheering for one of them to win the race against the others. That was how the world worked right? Everyone trying to get first in the insane race. My mind was still partly pondering over the subject of Mr. Calvin's chocolate brown eyes...

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