Chapter 1 - Beginnings

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Chapter 1


The snow flaked lightly on my windshield as I drove down the dimly lit, icy road. Early December in Minnesota sure felt like the north pole. Maybe Santa had relocated his workshop so no one would know where he was.

Yeah, I know what you thinking. "She's a sixteen-year-old girl who's thinking about Santa as if he is real...?" Well, you need to figure a few things out about me.

I believed in Santa Clause, one hundred percent.

And not those fake ones in all the malls that are skinny and smell like old, cheap beer. The one with a snow-white beard, a pink nose, and a really fat belly. The one who flies around one night a year giving presents to all the good little girls and boys. I smiled at the thought, wondering what I would get this year. Maybe the iPhone I wanted? I hoped so, the phone I had then sucked.

"Are we almost there?" My friend, Mackenzie, yawned beside me. She had her snow boot-clad feet propped up on the dashboard and her hands folded behind her head as she leaned back in the passenger seat. Typical of her, really. She was the lazy one, although she would swear up and down she wasn't. Especially if there was a hot guy in the vicinity.

"Almost. Gosh, it's only eight thirty, Kinz." I teased, rolling my eyes. She had never been one for travel, which made me wonder why she had chosen to come with me. The drive to my grandmas was about three hours, and very tedious. Especially in the snow, which was now coming down by the buckets. Typical.

Mackenzie sighed and closed her eyes, deciding to remain silent rather than give me a smart remark.

I kept my eyes on the road, trying not to squint from the glare of my headlights. Sparing a look at Kinz, I cracked an evil grin. I kept my movements slow until in a flash I flicked on the radio full blast. Mackenzie shot straight up, slamming her head on the roof of my car. I burst out laughing as I attempted to sing the lyrics of 'All I Want For Christmas is You' by Mariah Carey.

"Bree!" She yelled, rubbing her head. "Turn off the freaking music, now!" Before I could respond she flicked off the radio, filling the car with silence.

"Buzzkill," I muttered under my breath, earning a slap from Kinz. She hated Christmas music with a passion, something I had yet to understand even though our friendship was slowly accumulating years. I stuck my tongue out at her, glancing at her for a brief second. If my mom was with me, she would yell about me not keeping my eyes on the road. She was very strict about safe driving. In fact, it was a miracle she had allowed me to drive up to grandma's all alone. The rest of my family had left the day before, leaving me to make sure all of the perishables in our fridge were thrown out. Coming home to the smell of death was never pleasant.

"You know I hate Christmas music." She replied, crossing her arms over her chest. I turned to her, after checking the road - there was no one, other than myself, who was dumb enough to drive in this weather in the dark.

"Why?" I raised an eyebrow at her, "It's so cheery and...festive!"

"Exactly." She kept looking forward, ignoring my intense glare. Christmas music was one of my favorite things about the Holiday...That, and I could eat all the cookies I wanted without anyone judging me. I'll admit it, I was one of those corny Christmas lovers.

"But it's the most wonderful time of the year!" A little giggle escaped my lips as I saw her face twist in anger. She hated any and all Christmas songs, including references to them. She was staring straight ahead, attempting to ignore my smug expression.

"Bree, I'm going to say this as nicely as I can. When we get to your grandma's house I will personally gouge out your - Oh my God!" My head flung forward, away from her terrified expression, to late. There was someone standing in the road, not even trying to get out of my way. I tried slamming on my breaks, but I just wasn't fast enough. The road was icy, and though there was a squeal, we just slid. My car came to a stop with a thud, jerking slightly. "You. Just. Hit. Someone." She gasped, her face turning pale.

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