Chapter 8 phone calls

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Work was going great and I now looked forward to resuming everyday. Not just because of Nonso but everything.

Mrs Ayobami was particularly proud of me when she heard about how I got the manager of Rotex International to sign  the deal.

"I always knew you had it in you." She told me smiling broadly. "You are a smart young lady, keep it up."

I was beaming all through the day and every other day because I now enjoyed work. Jane was more open and receptive to me as we talked about a lot of things. She was employed last year, immediately after her youth service.

"I prayed for polo luxury you know, the elegance of the organisation, the pay, the way the system works! You should have seen me when I got my appointment letter." Jane told me one day as we sorted out the annual leave forms and disciplinary case files.
She was quite a dramatic lady , who demonstrated all she said with her hands. Sometimes she would get up and imitate a worker who passed by our little office and I will sit back and watch her laughing all the way.

Somtimes as we worked together, Nonso will walk in and demand for something and Jane will fidget to answer him immediately. As she hurries to get the document for him or scan the computer for an information, Nnoso will bore holes through me with his unmoving stare, it was hard for me to concentrate when he was around. So I made alot of effort to avoid his eyes or ignore his presence. When our eyes met, his will twinkle and he will sometimes wink or make signs that he will call me later.
Yes! His calls were frequent and long.

"I wanted to call you right before you slept." He told me last night.

"Awwwn, how nice of you." I replied before yawning.

"Okay, sweet dreams beautiful." He said, hanging up. Our conversations were easy going and interesting, we usually lost track of time.

My elder brother became suspicious of him with the long calls every night but he didn't mind since I was happy.

"Hey you are glowing. " he teased me one late evening.

"Because I just showered." I said ignorantly.

"No, it's because you just got off the phone with your boss."

"That is not the reason!" I said blushing.

"Yeah right!"

In the evening, a cool Saturday evening, my tennis outfit arrived at the door step and my brother paid for it.

"I was going to pay for it." I said in defiance.

"There is no way I would allow you pay for anything in my house." He told me.

"You are the best!" I said, throwing him a big hug. Glad that I would be able to save my money again.

Once in my room, I tried the tennis outfit and admired it's fitness in the mirror.
It was a white fitted shirt, made of a soft fabric that was good for sporting. The shirt was perfect as I filled it in perfectly. The matching skirt was pleated and fell mid tigh. I crowned the outfit off with the white sneakers which had a little touch of red, I ordered as well from jumia. The tennis 'date' as Nonso called it on one of our late evening calls, was a week away And i was excited about it. It was another time to be alone with Nonso since we only saw briefly at the office.

"Hope you still remember how to play." My elder sister pinged me on our sibblings group chat.

I replied her with a laughing smiley followed by "well even If I don't, I will lose while looking cute. My outfit is hot."

"Na wa o." My immediate elder sis replied. "Its high time Tunde took me out on a date like this. I am tired of going to the cinema with him. He should be more creative."
All three of us laughed about it, before we exchange our 'miss you" and "goodbyes."

"I miss my siblings a whole lot." I told Nonso that evening when he called as always. "You know,  on a weekend like this, we usually take a drive around the neighbourhood and sometimes end up at some resort or eatry."

"It seems you all are close."

"Ow yes we are." I laughed.

"What about you? Are you close to your younger sisters?"

"The twins?"

"Is there any other ?"

He laughed softly "well I think I am. Audrey and Andretta are twins so they do everything together. We have our moments of fun but sometimes I think they use me for extra shopping money."

"Nonso!" I said laughing "you can't be serious.

"Actually that is how I feel. I feel hurt you know." He said in mocking sadness. Which made me laugh harder. "Maybe you can make me feel better."

"And how will I do that." I asked going along with his ploy.

"Ow! I can certainly think of alot of ways..."

"You are naughty!" I scolded playfully.

"How do you know I was hinting at something naughty? It could have just been a simple play date."

"Play date ? What are we ? 5?"

I could hear his rich baritone voice as he laughed "Okay maybe there was one or two naughty things but there was a play date somewhere."

We both laughed as the conversation stired to another topic.

That night, as we said out goodnights, he called my name softly.

"Yeah?" I answered but he didn't say anything. After a few seconds of silence, he said sweet dreams Babe.
I blushed so hard, my cheeks hurt. There was something about the way he said the babe that struck something deep in my stomach.

I turned off the light and thought about what he wanted to say but instead of bothering too much about it, I closed my eyes and thanked God because I was happy. I didn't think it was possible after the hurt, but I was happy. I was full of a new light and a new life which i never thought was possible.


Thank you.

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