Chapter 1

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???'s Pov

My name is Adam also known as Sky. I'm known as a hero lost in time. A long time ago I had saved Minecraftia from Herobrine. My story has been twisted and bent throughout the centuries. Now it's said that Notch, the creator of Minecraftia, defeated Herobrine. We both know that isn't true but neither of us can say anything.
I'm a statue. A statue in the Aither. Angels constantly walk by me just minding there own business. Only a few remember me.
My dearest friends from my time. They come together once a year to talk in my presence. They tell me of their bloodlines down on the Overworld. Sometimes they even talk to me. I can't tell them anything because I can not move. I wish I could talk with them. I wish I could move. I wish I could feel but that can not happen until it's time.
I felt something. Darkness. It was overcoming the Overworld and Nether. I could sense it. It was strong.
I watched as Notch walked up to me. "It's time Sky." He said. He put his hand against my chest. I could feel myself unfreezing. I could move, talk, feel.
I looked at him. "How long has it been old friend?" I asked.

"3 centuries." He said. "Come. We must discuss this somewhere in private."
As we were walking I could feel the eyes of the other angels. I was the only one besides Notch that didn't have wings. The reason why is because I wished upon a star. I wished that peace would rain out among the Overworld. But everything comes with a price.
I'm not able to die. I freeze till evil starts to lurk out of the darkness and I stop it. This is the first time I've felt free since I was alive.
Notch handed me some clothes. "What is wrong with my attire?" I asked looking down at my armor.
"Times have changed." Notch said. "These will help you fit in."

After I got changed Notch handed me a some shaded glasses. "People fear brines. These will help you hide your eyes." Notch said.
"I can hide my eyes just fine." I said giving them back to him.
"It's just an extra precaution." Notch said putting them over my eyes. "You will be sent to the Overworld immediately."
"What about my friends?" I asked.
"You can use these to help find them." Notch said pointing to the glasses. "The first one is near where you fill arrive. Be carful."
I walked over to the side of the Aither. I clutched my amulet as I jumped off the edge. A small star formed in my hand. I I pushed it in-front of me. It was to break my fall to give the appearance I was a falling star.As I fell I began to breath in the air. It was corrupted and filled with harmful gasses. I held my breath till I hit the ground.
Once I hit the ground I got up as I coughed. The air was filled with smoke from the crash and from somewhere near. I leaned on a tree while I tried to get used to this air.
I stopped as I saw a young man man wearing a bacca hat hiding behind a tree. The bacca bloodline. He eyed me. "Are you alright?" He asked.

"Since when did the air get so *cough* corrupted?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He asked. "The air has always been like this."

"Wrong." I said. "It used to be fresh and nice."

"Who are you?" He asked.

"My name is Sky." I said. "You're from the bacca family correct?"

"Yes." He said. "I'm Jerome."

"You look just like your bloodline." I said. I missed my friend in the Aither. "I better get to finding the others."

"What others?" He asked.

"Have you heard about the prophecy?" I asked.

"Never." He said.

I sighed. "Long ago a prophecy was told. It told about a hero that would make the cards fold. This hero was brave and sacrificed all. He truly was until the fall. Before he went he wished upon a star. That peace would spread wide and far. He told his friends he would see them again. No matter what happens he would remember them. The prophecy said he would come back. Only when we are under attack."

"How do you remember this?" He asked. "Thats a lot to remember."

"I remember because I'm the one who fell." I said. "My friends caries on and my existence became less known until today."

"And how old is that prophecy?" Jerome asked.

"A few centuries." I said.

He just stared at me wide-eyed. "There's no way you're that old."

"Unfortunately I am." I said. "Before we go I must ask, does your bacca blood still crave the splatter of others' blood?"

"Bacca blood?" He asked. "I know this is a family tradition to have a bacca hat but I'm not a bacca."

I took out my small mirror. "This will show you the real you." I said holding it up in-front off him.
His reflection was the same except he was covered in a brown fur coat.
"Now do you still have that fire on you?"

"Fire for what?" He asked.

By now I was starting to get irritated. "That thirst to see blood spill." I said.

"I'm no monster." He replied.

"That answers my question." I said putting the mirror away. "Let us be on our way."


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