What Did You Do?

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sorry it's so short guys i just wanted to put this into the story hope you enjo

Kisses- S.W

Riley Pov

We arrived at the dance studio and I hear the music blaring, I looked at Mia who looked worried I grabbed ahold of her hand and kissed.

"she'll be fine ... she's strong " i said she smiled "wait in the car i'll only be a minute"

"i'm not waiting in the car Riley" she said stubbornly

"it could be a trap we don't know okay... better i go in then you" she shock her head and nodded saying i could go

"But be quick... or I'm coming in" I nodded kissing her on the check before walking into the studio.

As I walked in the music was blaring and I saw Lily on the floor staring at the mirror, I didn't know the song that was blaring but Lily didn't notice when I walked in, she was just staring at her reflection.I walked closer to her and yet she still dint see me.

"Lily?" she jumped out of her skin she quickly whipped her check getting rid of some tears she turned around and stood up. Her face was puffy and her eyes where red, she quickly walked over to the stern and turned off the music.

"what are you doing here" she said slowly

"uh , everyone was worried as we hadn't seen you since lessons" her back was faced away from me and it was annoying, but something didn't seem right."are you okay"

"I'm fine" she turned around and smiled slightly "why would you ask that?" he smile started to fade and couple of tears fell out, she couldn't help it but she whipped them away.

"What happened?" I asked stepping closer to her, she was my girlfriends best friend and as much as she got on my nerves I did want to know what was wrong.

"i.. can't talk about it" she said quietly

"is it to do with Daniel?" she laughed slightly at my conclusion

"believe it or not ... no this time it wasn't" she laughed again whipping the tears away

"Ethan?" as soon as I said his name she stopped laughing and stared at me... she didn't speak. So Ethan had done something but what? Ethan loved her so much I could imagine him doing something to hurt her.

"Riley" I heard Mia shout as I tunred I saw he walking through the entrains " LILY," she shouted she came running up to her and hugged her then lily couldn't stop crying, Mia pulled back and looked at her face, she whipped the tears away "what happened" Mia spoke quietly , lily shock her head.

"i can't..." she said out of breath, Mia stared at her in away she had never acted like this ever

"we should take her home" i say Mia nodded and took her friend to the car, i picked up her things and saw a text on her phone,

old lovers always find a way back to each other - D

What did you do Ethan?

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