Chapter 13: Flashblacks

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I could still feel the cold cackle of his laughter ringing in my ears, my senses going twisted, blurry and tingly. I can feel the memories wash over my mind like waves in the ocean washing up over the beach. Hermione's body held so close to mine, the warmth between us filling inside me, making my eyes close making the memories flood into my mind to grow brighter, louder and larger in image and sound. The vague laugh that would form from her rosy pink lips when something amusing came up, or when she sighed as she was lost in thought, her big brown eyes lost looking down at the bland plain floor, the way she would light up and have a beautiful smile on her face when I would appear in front of her. The way my hands would get tangled in her silky wavy brown hair, and the touch of her soft, smooth, silky skin brush against mine. The way she would talk about nonsense, and I would still be fascinated. Her taste on my tongue, as I would become fuzzy with emotion as the scent of her lips would callapse on mine, All the things -everything that made me fall in love with her. Her touch, her smile, her laugh, her smell, her personality, Everything about her was impeccable and all of it made me crazy in love with her. 

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