CHAPTER 51: Shopping

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-"They'll go to Joe's apartment", Harry said, smiling at me and sitting beside me to give me some kisses on the forehead.

-"Let me see your neck?", Harry asked.

I lifted up my chin and felt my sore neck get touched by Harry's long, soft fingers.

-"That asshole", Harry said.

-"I'm fine now, as long as you are around", I said.

-"I promise, when the tour is over we will move somewhere else.", Harry said.

I smiled and leaned on him.

How terrifying is this?

-"If you want me to stay, I can cancel the meeting today", he suggested.

-"No please. I have to go rehearse at Jesy's again anyway, so if you left me there that would be lovely", I said.

-"Sure. We'll be leaving in twenty minutes", he said. I nodded and got up.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and wet my neck with cold water.

I brushed my hair and teeth and went to the drawer to get my black jeans, my Mickey Mouse shirt and a pink jacket.

I applied some makeup and put my phone in my pocket.

-"Ready to go?", he asked.

-"Yep", I said.

I went to the door and opened it, and was surprised to find Stuart standing there.

-"Oh! Hi!", I gasped. I'm done with surprises now.

-"Hi Jade, I just wanted to check if everything was okay? I mean, my mum sent me here to check since we heard screams and all that", he said.

-"Oh, it must be a mistake. Nothing happened here", I said.

-"But I thought I heard stomps from downstairs... I was a bit worried since I heard those cries", he doubted.

-"It was a mistake. Now shall we go Jade?", Harry said from the back, coming up to me and grabbing my waist.

-"Nice to see you again", Stuart said, an obvious tone of disgust was in his voice.

-"Yeah bye", Harry said, locking the door and guiding me to the elevator.

-"Why don't you like me Harry Styles?", Stuart suddenly said. Harry stiffened and closed his eyes, probably irritated by Stuart's comment.

-"I... I have to go I'm late", Harry said, getting in the elevator.

-"Wait!", Stuart said.

-"What now?!", Harry groaned.

-"I need to go down too", Stuart said. Oh.

He got in the elevator and I clearly saw Harry's face blush a little bit.

-"Bye", Stuart said when he got down on his floor.

-"Bye", we said.

Awkward silence.

-"What makes you hate Stuart so much?", I asked him.

-"I don't hate him as much as I hate Joe of course, but I hate the fact that Stuart is so interested in you", he said.

-"But Harry, I can see in Stuart's face that he is kind and would not mess with me. He knows I'm yours and you're mine", I said.

-"I noticed that too", he said.

-"Then try to be nice to him the next time. Didn't you hear Nelly saying Stuart has no friends? Same like me when I was at highschool", I said.

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